Trump personally made decision to curb Bannon's testimony to House Intel Committee


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I mean. Duh.


I guess they dangled the promise of some kibble from the Mercer’s over his mouth.


Soooo… does this seal the deal on eventual Obstruction charges against DT? Kinda hard to be more directly involved in preventing investigators from investigating than this…


“I’m completely, 100% innocent with nothing to hide, and DON’T YOU DARE SAY A WORD ABOUT ME TO CONGRESS OR I’ll GUT YOU!” – the words of a very, very guilty man


i just don’t even understand how he was allowed to communicate with ANYONE (aside from his lawyer) during testimony in the first place. why is this a thing that’s ok?




What is the president hiding?


It’s only a matter of time before Trump tries to fire Mueller.

I think we all know that.


Somebody’s out there proving that Bannon was in metal telegraphic communication with Putin, who mind melded what to put in Breitbart to have Trump win the Electoral College. That was after the Brits, ID’ed the critical 300 American Thespians.


Of course he did. I don’t think anyone but the executive can invoke executive privilege.


Jimmy Hoffa?


Does anyone in the White House have a clue? That arguement didn’t work for Nixon. Why should it work for Trump?


It’s not OK, but the Republicans allowed it to happen.


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… and nothing will happen then apart from a few muffled ho-hums.


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