Trump pledges detention camps, but Biden is "old"

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An “operation” like that is not only racist but would likely crash the already fragile domestic economy. We do have that profitable genocide thing to fall back on, though.


One of the pillars of Project 2025.


Or, crazy idea here, we could work to stabilize, support, and improve liberal democratic governments in South American countries instead of supporting fascist dictators who destroy the economies and create refugees. I’m positive most people coming across our borders would prefer to stay where they grew up, with their friends and families.


Drain the swamp, fill it with bigger monsters. What could go wrong?


But, but, the peaches.


This is the pathetic state of bothsidesism in the corporate media today: they need to find something to create an illusion of balance but all they can come up with is that Biden is four years older than his openly fascist and bigoted opponent.



Vote like your lives depend upon it, because he just told you they do! It doesn’t matter who the democrats run, vote for them.



I know people heavily criticized Stewart’s piece last Monday because it mentioned Biden’s age and a few of his bigger forgetful items, but I don’t feel it was unreasonable. Because while pointing that out, it also mentioned that the likely other candidate is a full on likely addled fascist.

There’s no reason to hide Biden’s age. He is old. Should we be concerned? Sure, a little, but also Biden and the dems would also have very little issue having him step down and the VP (assumably Kamala) take his place. The GOP has horrible controversy and legal issue after issue and the people never step down. For the dems, with the notable exception of “I keep gold bars in my suits” Menendez, people leave when controversy comes up. Al Franken, anyone?

I’ve been hearing over and over from my family that they planned to skip voting because they hate Trump but don’t like that Biden is old. I say it’s fair, he is old, but not voting is simply giving GOP an advantage and we can’t afford to give them that. Should it be “blue no matter who”? Normally, no, but in this case, considering who the alternative is? Oh hell yes.


yeah, if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice, quoth the immortal geddy lee.

if someone is able to vote and they choose not to, they’re helping ■■■■■ win because turn out really will matter. ( !@#$ electoral college. )

oto, if once they are in that voting booth they might just tap that orange button after all, then staying home seems like a good idea.



Biden is old, and sometimes sounds a little feeble, with occasional gaffes.
Trump is also old, doesn’t have “gaffes” because he’s consistently incoherent and always says things that don’t make any sense, has declared himself a future dictator and is proposing concentration camps for immigrants, the homeless, his personal enemies…
Media: Both sides!

Yeah, I just can’t, anymore. (Shit, maybe Trump was right about the media being the enemy of the people…)

What, and undo our last couple centuries’ worth of work!?

But Trump is so much more vigorous - everyone knows he can loudly rant for hours!*

*(As the media doesn’t show him when his energy is flagging, or point out that what he’s spouting is all incoherent gibberish.)


Joe Biden was born a week before Jimi Hendrix. Come on. If that isn’t more important than his record as president or trump’s constant fascist ramblings, then what is?


The part I had a problem with was that Stewart spent at least as much of that segment mocking Biden’s age as all of Trump’s worst qualities put together.

If you spend five minutes out of a 30 minute show mocking Biden’s age, then you should spend five minutes mocking Trump’s age and another 20 minutes talking about Trump’s fascism.


I’m so, so sick of this entirely made-up age issue. Is Biden old? Yes. But he’s four years older than Trump. FOUR. YEARS. The difference is utterly insignificant. Biden’s age might matter if he were running against someone who isn’t an elderly man, but nobody is claiming that. They know it’s Biden vs Trump, yet they still act like this inane “concern” has any substance whatsoever, and it’s pissing me off.


Show Neil Peart some love, too, eh? He wrote that line.

CSB: my 1st exposure to Rush was Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert. Rush played “Closer to the Heart”, with Geddy Lee dressed in a long gown and sporting some very long hair. Me not knowing anything about the band (I was ~8), him singing in that falsetto… i was convinced he was a she. And probably a witch.



Veering back on topic: please, please vote blue no matter who. I say this as a non-USian, so I don’t really have a dog in this fight. Except we all do.


…creation of detention camps for asylum seekers…

That evil notion doubles as invites for much needed donations from ambitious private corrections services looking to expand.


(wiki) The short-lived operation used military-style tactics to remove Mexican immigrants—some of them American citizens—from the United States. Though millions of Mexicans had legally entered the country through joint immigration programs in the first half of the 20th century and some who were naturalized citizens who were once native, Operation Wetback was designed to send [even] them to Mexico.


oh definitely. :hugs:


As an Italian, I have as President Sergio Mattarella that is a year older than Joe Biden. He was reelected by the parliament in 2022 despite he didn’t want a second mandate.

Not to mention Pope Francis, that is six year older than Joe Biden.


The US detention economy must be almost as lucrative as that of the healthcare administration one.