Trump recommends against hiring Michael Cohen as your lawyer

I think technically he never really acted as Trump’s lawyer, he was some kind of business associate who happened to have a law degree, and Trump thought that would make all their dealings fall under “attorney/client privilege.” Part of the indictment shows that Cohen made up fake legal bills to disguise payoffs.


One practically can’t see the forest for the trees (you know, because witches are made of wood, and wood floats, and yada yada yada, etc)


Are we even sure it was Trump who Cohen snitched on? All we have is this mysteriously ambiguous transcript


This guy, on the other hand…

I was thinking it’s weird that it’s worded like that, but I guess they have to, since trump himself has not be charged with anything?


His trade guy literally got picked off of a search on Amazon, evidently. And he has a hard on against trade with China for irrational reasons.

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Jesus Christ. even the quote he chose to have mounted on a building doesn’t make any grammatical sense.


This is a remarkable Trump tweet, in that:

  1. It’s true;
  2. It’s good advice;
  3. It’s something that everyone here on BoingBoing can agree with him.

Therefore, he didn’t write it.


Not at all. Trump’s smart - he only hires the best people… no, wait… It’s almost as if “the best people” actually means “corrupt incompetents like Trump.” Huh, weird.

Apparently Trump had to be warned not to pardon Cohen or Manafort over Twitter, and he was probably warned not to threaten them either, so he’s left with limited choices.

After my certainty that Trump would never, ever be elected, I don’t dare to feel any hope about anything that’s going on now. Somewhere in my gut, I feel like it’s all going to turn to shit anyways, somehow, no matter how damning things get for Trump. Which it could - Trump gets implicated in all sorts of serious crimes, the Republicans ignore it, disenfranchise all the black/Democratic voters they can in the mid-terms to keep power and that’s the end of democracy in the US. It sounds a lot more plausible than “President Trump” did in 2016.


Quote’s from The Art of the Deal, but the picture itself is photoshopped from the opening of the embassy in Jerusalem.


It may be true but in context it’s completely ridiculous.

It’s hard to be convincing when you’re talking about a very visible, inner-circle person who was on the payroll for over a decade.


I can believe Trump wrote it because, while true, it still makes him look like a complete idiot.

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The complete sentence structure and surprising lack of ‘4-character ellipses’ makes me doubt it, regardless.



The GOP put their money on Trump, then doubled down and doubled down and doubled down. His incompetence, bigotry and corruption were obvious from the first, but they followed him anyway and now they’re trapped in a blind alley. I’m worried about what they’re going to be willing to demolish in order to get out.


It does sound plausible, and no doubt the attempt is well underway.

But as a non-American I have a question: why are voter registration and party affiliation linked at all? Are there any real benefits? Even if there are, it seems to have the side effect of making these kinds of tactics more feasible.

Not that they’d be completely unfeasible without it, since certain demographics are well known to correlate strongly with certain voting preferences, but still… making it possible for anyone to target registered Democrats (or Republicans, for that matter) for anything from canvassing to disenfranchisement just seems anti-democratic at its core.

I suppose ditching voter registration tied to party affiliation would require a whole new primary system, but here’s a novel idea: Parties recruit members. Those members pick their party leaders/candidates.

Not to mention (almost certainly addressed in the same articles) that a pardon would mean that Manafort could be compelled to testify about his crimes via subpoena – no 5th amendment protections if you’ve been pardoned of a crime.


Why voter registration at all? Unnecessary and crying for abuse.

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

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