Trump reportedly wished COVID would take out John Bolton

I try not to wish ill on anybody, even those that manifestly deserve it but…If Trump had died in office, my first reaction would have been relief, followed closely by worry about the theocracy that Pence would attempt to bring upon us.
edited to add: I don’t always succeed in not wishing people ill…so it’s probably best to think of that as an aspirational goal.



I think a room built of nothing but mirror surfaces would be enough to make him wish he was dead. Toss him in naked without that troll wig so he has to look at the Real Donald Trump. That’s enough to puke a buzzard off a gut wagon.


Trump getting COVID didn’t shake then, so Trump dying because “he was killed by the Deep State to prevent the truth about the COVID hoax getting out” would probably keep them going.


For a second i thought he was talking about Michael Bolton, and I thought, gee that’s random.


Sounds pretty ill to me (or illin’), take it how you will.
I’ve not ever used that word in a sentence, did I do it correctly?


Yeah but let’s be honest here. When the cheeto got sick we all wished a bit about him too. So perfectly understandable human behavior.

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It turns out that Trump was seriously ill.


I hope these were words spoken in anger. Either that, or you surely have a promising career in the US penal system. But I think you are wrong. Prison was once a place where you could be kept until the court decided what was to be done with you: freedom, fine, exile, mutilation, or death. Later, the prison became one of these options.

If someone were doing harm in society, the first job of the prison is isolation: to stop them doing harm. The second aim should be cure, if they are to be released. I am not sure there is or should be any third aim of vengeance.

Suppose you were on a desert island with (say) Trump (who has a gun) and 20 others. Trump does no work. Trump needs people to prepare his meals. He wants women. But he does not care if any particular one of you comes to harm. Suppose you have something you could put in his food so he goes to sleep and never wakes.

Is there a ‘right’ thing to do here? I think it is wrong to say this is like the trolley problem, and the survival of the largest number is the best outcome. Or you might be able to take him by surprise, take his gun, chain him to a tree, but what then? You have to bring him meals, and take away his dirt. You have to guard him in case he has followers that will set him free. You can taunt him if you like.

Suppose you poison his food, and think “Take that, you monster! Go to Hell!”. That would be exercising power, just the way he would do with his gun. Suppose you poison his food, and think “I am sorry: curing you is beyond my art. All I can do is bring an end, without pain or fear”. This might be mercy, though the action is just the same.

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