Trump retweets racist neonazi propaganda, world yawns

It’s hard to even get worked up at this point given how normalized the racist rhetoric has become this campaign cycle, but this time Donald Trump actually retweeted a racist, wholly inaccurate infographic that was apparently made by an honest-to-goodness neonazi. Not “uses coded dogwhistle terms” kind of racist, but actual “we should have listened to Hitler” racist.

As of this writing the Trump campaign hasn’t deleted the tweet. Which is odd, because normally this sort of thing would have been blamed on a campaign intern by now. I guess they’ve decided to just embrace the hate.


I feel like Toronto has a lot to answer for…
After Rob Ford it seems all bets are off…
The mob will elect its own representatives damned be logic or facts!


They kind of know who they are talking to. They don’t have to care about the black vote, or the anti-racist vote, because they know they won’t get it no matter what. I do think they might be overestimating the actual, active racist vote… or maybe they are depending on the not actively racist, but still racist vote, to get them through.

This shit is getting down right frightening, either way.

[ETA] It’s also probably a function of the whole “well, I wouldn’t go as far as Hitler, but he had a few good ideas… those people are a problem!” mindset.


I was tempted when the shrub got re-elected to punt and move north, but new kid stable job, and etc. But Trump, may be enough to make me think fuck it, it will suck but I am outta here, especially since Canada got rid of Harper. But not sure if that will be enough distance to make me feel safe either.

WTF America, really.


And on a lighter note,
Dildo Waving Marxists, band name!


Trust us, we don’t feel that safe either…


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