Trump Riot: Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund to resign effective January 16

a recognized expert in critical incident management

Depends how one wants the critical incident ‘managed’, I suppose


Yes and no. It was meant to be more secure than this, but it was a publicly accessible structure and as such there have been more secure backup locations and continuity plans for years.

Even in the full Devil’s Advocate scenario, they failed. They didn’t have the full contingent of officers available on their own staff working the protest. They also would, presumably, be able to get some degree of assistance from the DC metro police who were not under Trump’s direct control.

I’m not averse to that concept with a lot of buildings, but it falls down with that particular building. Granting unrestricted access to the electronics of a major nation’s legislature comes with its own problems.


I was thinking it meant that he never had to get the donughts himself, but knew where the best places to get them were.

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