Trump’s attorney seems no smarter than Trump

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The reality is that most fascists aren’t geniuses… fascism rests on a rejection of any sort of intellectualism and using violence and force to get your way. It’s grade school bullying on a national level.

How fascists got some reputation for out-maneuvering the rest of the world with some sort brilliant tactical skills is beyond me, because that’s not really what the facts show us. They are willing to go beyond rules and norms, and use force to get everyone else to fall in line out of fear. Why is that so smart? It’s really fucking not…


you are correct… Can we punch them?




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But isn’t he looking at firing them all as his next delay tactic?
This sure would give him just cause.


Trump attorneys trolled after they subpoena wrong Jeremy Rosenberg for hush money trial.

I don’t understand the US legal system nearly well enough to know, but is it possible this was another deliberate delaying tactic?



Could be, as that’s the only tactic he really has at this point, just endless delays to try and keep things from happening before the election, which he hopes to win by gerrymandering and threats of violence.


I suspect that “the best of the best” wouldn’t touch Trump with a twenty foot pole.


Unlikely. First of all, Trump doesn’t have the “best of the best” for attorneys. The top law firms in the country won’t touch him with a ten foot pole for two reasons. One, he’s bad for business. When the top law firms were still representing him, some of their other rich clients started threatening to take their business elsewhere if they continued to represent Trump. And two, he has a history of not paying people for their work. At this point, the only attorneys willing to take him on are either true believers, or people willing to roll the dice and hope a high profile case like this pays off in the future if they somehow manage to get an acquittal. The bottom line is that these attorneys are more likely to be of marginal skill, but willing to take big risks. So maybe the subpoena error is intentional, but if they got caught in intentionally doing that as a delaying tactic, they’d get sanctioned by the court. That’s too much of a risk for even the type of lawyers willing to take Trump as a client. The more likely explanation is that they just aren’t very good.


If they were smart, would they want to work for a guy who Makes (his) Attorneys Get Attorneys?

If they looked at the Wikipedia category Donald Trump attorneys, how many of them would they see have been censured, charged, and/or sued for their services to Trump? Would they want to join in that list?


Well of course they got the wrong person. The Jeremy Rosenberg they’re looking for resides at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.


@danimagoo can correct me, but AIUI the judge can (and probably would) deny him the ability to fire counsel at this late stage.


Yeah, I’ve heard of this as speculation. I haven’t heard of anything from Trump or anyone in his camp proposing this. And yes, at a date this close to the scheduled start of the trial, there would have to be something extraordinarily wrong with Trump’s attorneys for the judge to allow them to be dismissed. You have a constitutional right to counsel of your choosing, but there are limits to that right. If you’re 6 months or more before the scheduled start of a trial, a judge is probably going to grant a change of counsel without even asking why. A week before the trial? You’re going to have to show some pretty extreme need. As in just grossly incompetent representation.


Someone pointed out that one doesn’t spend 100 million dollars in legal fees to delay one’s trials if one actually has any sort of legitimate defense.


Like sending a subpoena a to the wrong person?


No. Like not preparing a defense. Or completely misunderstanding the law involved. Or not making sure the case law you’re using for some legal argument is still good law (the prosecutors in the OJ trial made this booboo–a slightly less egregious error in a time before you could check such things in seconds in an online database, which you can do these days). Sending a subpoena to the wrong person who has the same name as the intended target is a mistake, but it’s not gross incompetence.

ETA: Or submitting a brief comprised entirely of a ChatGPT hallucination.


What about having incorrect contact information for the lawyer in a subpoena sent to the wrong person?

That’s still not gross incompetence. Gross incompetence is the kind of stuff that can get you sued for malpractice or sanctioned or disbarred. Dumb mistakes that they still shouldn’t make, but that aren’t just completely inexcusable aren’t gross incompetence. Think the level of mistake that, if we were talking about a doctor instead of a lawyer, would be likely to kill the patient.


These qualities endear him to his cultists, since he is just like them!

Charisma and a line of bullshit will get you far in this society, as anyone who has worked with commission salespeople & other hucksters can tell you.

It’s not that he is a moron that is the problem.
It’s more like how the whole fucking system has enabled him to skate by for his whole life… and that there’s no end of smarmy bastards available to help him now.
A hopelessly corrupt SCOTUS… about half of Congress… blatantly fascist governors & legislatures. The list goes on.

It was always a matter of time until Lord Dampnut had to start scraping the bottom of the barrel for attorneys. It’s his own damn fault, too, which is even better.
Now, let’s get that trial started!