Trump lawyer shamelessly says it doesn't matter if Trump is guilty of insurrection (video)

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We’re entering full-on 1984. War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength


So you’re suggesting we go by the popular vote now? What an interesting idea. Let’s see what the tally on that one is, shall we?



I agree with Trump’s lawyer! Assuming when she says “entire nation” she means mandatory voting like Australia, with the popular vote unfiltered and uncorrupted by the stupid Electoral College, and maybe even a lower voting age.

Oh, she didn’t mean that? Then screw that; get that insurrectionist a-hole off the ballot.


“Fascism moves slowly through populism, making it seem necessary and legitimate, and then quickly through the means of power and control.” It looks like the brainwashed MAGA cult is now knocking on the front door of Fascism Part 2.

I was fully expecting us to reach this stage in the make-or-break year of 2024. She’s a little early off the mark, but that wouldn’t be unusual.

Conservative lawyers are always among the first to whinge that the U.S. is a republic whenever someone talks about it being a democracy. As always with these paragons of bad faith, it’s a correction of convenience rather than one of conviction.


I heard somebody state that 45 keeps saying he won last time, which means, by his own reckoning, he’s been President twice, and is therefore ineligible to run again…


If elections were up to the people, then both Gore & Hillary would have been President. Why aren’t the Republicans again reminding us that we’re a Republic, not a Democracy?


That’s because he wasn’t sworn in the second time – oh wait: he claims he never took the oath the first time.


“My client is above the law” seems like a risky strategy for a lawyer to attempt. I hope she learns that the hard way.


After reading that headline I expected to hear that said lawyer made an argument in court that the insurrectionist clause in the 14th Amendment doesn’t apply to Trump for whatever reason. Which would be a sensible thing to argue if there was a legal basis for it. But to make an argument to the public that it doesn’t matter if he’s an insurrectionist is just chilling.


Is she making an argument to abolish the electoral college? no? then she should stfu.


so… ‘fixed it for you’…?

“It doesn’t matter if trump is guilty of ignoring the will of the voters by violently subverting the results of an election if that’s what the voters decide!”



It’s weird how they can simultaneously say “democracy is important” and “screw democracy” at the same time (in so many words.)


If he never took the oath of office in 2017, his claims of presidential immunity would be moot because he was never President, right?


If only there was some way for the people of the country to express their will about what should render someone eligible or ineligible to hold certain high offices in some iron-clad way that made it impossible to bypass for political convenience. Say, maybe, a constitutional amendment of some kind… enacted via crossing a very high bar of consensus to forever enshrine a rule in an unbreakable way.

It’s a pity that such a thing doesn’t exist. If it did, I have no doubt it would be enforced by an impartial, highly respected, and accountable high court of an independent branch of government.

Oh, wait…


He doesn’t claim he didn’t take the oath. He’s claiming he took an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution” while the 14th Amendment bars insurrectionists who previously took an oath “to support the Constitution.” It’s a frivolous argument, and I don’t think even Thomas will buy that one. There are other arguments that might hold water (the President isn’t an “officer of the United States” and due process arguments), but the oath argument is beyond silly.

No, they’ve already opened the door and invited the fascists inside. We have a shot at kicking them back out this year, but they are already here. Mike Johnson, Matt Gaetz, MTG, Lauren Boebert, Tommy Tuberville, Ron DeSantis, Greg Abbott, etc. are all fascists and they all hold elected office in this country. It is too late to close the door. They are here. We now need to kick them out. And if you don’t think it’s this serious already, I strongly encourage you to read the manifesto of Project 2025. It’s freely available online. They aren’t pretending anymore. They have taken their masks off, they have put on their arm bands, and they are coming for us.


Okaaaaay - if it doesn’t matter whether or not he committed an insurrection; why is TFG spending so much time denying his actions?

Go on Donald, shout it loud and proud that you committed an insurrection and you’d do it all over again.

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If the 14th Amendment doesn’t matter, then I guess the 2nd Amendment doesn’t matter.


and really, they even gave that up when they decided it was perfectly okay to submit fake slates of electors ( and even wanted to hang pence for not throwing the vote. )

it’s almost like they don’t care about any form of democracy at all :thinking: