Trump’s failures with first Wuhan evacuees “increased the risk of infection transmission to American public,” federal watchdog concludes

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Hard to believe the list of tRump fails continues to grow. That “tRump Scumbag” seems to be a permanent bur in the side of all humanity .


Worst “president” ever. The obsession with optics to the detriment of substance is on-(toxic-)brand for Biff.


The watchdogs and media couldn’t possibly hope to report on Trump’s wrongdoing in real time, the crimes kept piling up faster than they could get the information out. It’s like when a dozen people send print jobs to the office laser printer at the same time and you have to just sit back and wait while the thing does its best to work its way through the buffer.




I mean, we knew he screwed this up, but the details of how it wasn’t just a screw-up by its omissions of action, but a screw-up because of what was actively done… yeah, it’s just more of the same of what Trump was doing for four years.

What’s interesting about the early response to covid is, that despite claiming he was so quick to cut off travel to China and that he did so despite being accused of xenophobia, it just isn’t true. He couldn’t even manage to be xenophobic properly, when it could have been of some use.


I don’t routinely speak with trump supporters, but in my fantasies when I do, all I ask is a simple question; “Can you name one single thing he has ever done well? Like, in his entire life?”


Well, he was born into a wealthy family. Technically that wasn’t anything he had control over but a surprising number of people who are born into money think those of us who weren’t just didn’t try hard enough.


No, but everything from that point on was. He chose to become and remain who he is.


Even on that flawed basis he failed. If he wasn’t such a crappy businessman he’d be a real billionaire today. Heck, he could have plunked all the money Fred gave him into an S&P 500 index fund for three decades and still accomplished that while living the high life.

The only thing he’s good at is being a confidence artist. I’m sure some of his sociopathic followers would think that’s a good thing.


It wasn’t a mistake the Trump administration wanted millions of people to die.

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if the definitive account of all the mismanagement, incompetence, corruption and criminality of these past 4 years were to be compiled in one book, no one would be able to lift it.

edit: i forgot cruelty.


Trump and his apologists keep pointing to his racist anti-China immigration policy as evidence that he was trying to slow the spread of the virus.

This incident is just one more illustration of how he wasn’t actually concerned about the virus getting here from China, he was only trying to exclude people coming here from China (or any other majority non-white country).


It’s a ridiculous question to ask a Trump supporter, because every single thing progressives or even centrists view as a bug, MAGA sees as a feature. :man_shrugging:

ETA: Apparently, I’m not the only one to latch onto this…

“You used a phrase just now that is the most important phrase: bug or feature?” Heilemann said. “You’re asking me, in some ways, the wrong question. Kevin McCarthy – we’re focused on Marjorie Taylor Greene – she’s obviously a monster, but she is just the most extreme symptom of what it is that animates the Republican Party now. Kevin McCarthy is not – there’s not a wakeup call. Kevin McCarthy is not just not acting, he’s not just tolerating her. He is, by not acting and tolerating her, he is embracing her. This is the spirit, the energy of the Republican base that Kevin McCarthy and other leaders of the Republican Party, that is the heart and soul, they believe, of the Republican Party.”


Reminds me of how Harley Quinn worshipped the Joker.

quinn-1 quinn-2


Even Harley eventually got wise and stopped the cycle of toxicity.


I guess it’s easier to walk away from the Joker when Mark Hamill isn’t doing the voice anymore.


Yeah, that’s why the question only gets asked in my imagination. If I was actually in a position to pose the question irl, I’d likely just walk away shaking my head and save myself the grief.


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