Trump says he helped clear rubble on 9/11 (a little bit)


He was there. And he helped a little bit.


He used his hairpiece, maybe?


Sounds to me like he gawked. I can see how he would confuse that with helping… it being him.


Only the best rubble.


I saw an unreliable source post that he sent 200 of “his own people.” No cites, it was a clickbait listicle.

I expect that claim to be repeated.


##Trump says he helped clear rubble on 9/11 (a little bit)


Huh. Then I guess he can take a little bit of credit for all the dead first responders. I’m sure he could have done more.


Are those the same people who are checking out Obama’s birth certificate?


“We can’t do anything until we’ve figured out what’s going on.”*

*Archaeologists hundreds of years from now will note that several independent governments had already figured out “what’s going on” months before the uttered statement.


This must have been right after he “saw thousands of Muslims” in New Jersey “celebrating” the collapse of the towers. A real witness to history, Mr.Trump is.


That would seem to be an easily verifiable claim if true. All it would take would be a witness or two, maybe some grainy pictures of a jumpsuited volunteer with oddly orange skin and a bizarre haircut sticking up above his dust mask and goggles.

But know what HAS been verified? In the hours after the attack while wreckage still burned and Americans were still dying of their injuries, Donald Trump took to the airwaves to brag that he now had the tallest building in downtown Manhattan. He also threw in a dash of 9/11 Trutherism to boot (“How could airplanes go through steel beams? Speaking as a building expert.”).


Jeebus. Seriously dude? Man.


Just another hit job from the liberal media (conservative talk radio) taking his words out of context (presenting them in their original, unedited context).


I hope that in the debates, Clinton gets to mention some of these things. She need not explain the whole damn thing or spend more than a few seconds casually adding things like this in there. The media will fact check this later and cover the story for her.


Maybe what Drumpf meant was that, on 9/11, he was making a phone call to get Barney Rubble cleared through immigration to work at a low wage in one of his shithole buildings when he heard the news.


Well… if we take him at his word, he says what’s on his mind! What was on his mind was – at that point in the conversation – that he’s got the tallest building in lower Manhattan now.


He accidentally brushed against his limo and wiped some dust off.


We live in hope.


But Hillary said that some people were deplorable. That’s not cool, follow the real story man. Those were AMERICANS she was disparaging! etc etc etc.


I find it interesting that the candidate who says he doesn’t have time for political correctness has spent the last few days obsessing over a single adjective.