Trump says he'd like to do the Muller interview under oath

I would not want to be his lawyer right now.

As the article points out, if Muller wants to do the interview under oath, he likely will already know the answers to questions he’s asking. So this goes a couple ways:

  1. Trump will inevitably commit perjury, figuring he is a smarter rat than the master rat catcher. I mean, the guy can’t string 3 sentences together without telling a fib.
  2. His lawyers force him to renege, and he doesn’t do the interview under oath.

Ha, like his lawyers have ever been able to force him into acting in his own best interest in the past.


Oh, please;


It makes no difference. Lying to the FBI is a felony, oath or no oath.


You know, I kind of expect some sort of convenient crisis that’ll be used to put off the interview. Too bad we don’t know the date picked yet for the interview, or we could make some wagers on it. ha ha


Trump reneges on promises all the time—his tax returns, for example—but he also hates it when anyone gets the idea that other people might be “controlling” him in any way. That’s why he just loudly and publicly refuted his own Chief of Staff for suggesting that Trump’s view on the border wall had “evolved.” (“Ridiculous! I’ve never changed my position based on new information in my life!”)

I’m thinking the only way he DOESN’T renege on his promise is if the popular narrative becomes “Trump’s lawyers are calling the shots,” in which case he will take the most self-destructive path just as a way of announcing “you’re not the boss of me!”


I wonder if this is what it’s about? We do know lawyers have been pushing hard for the interview to be minimal, and some answers to be provided in written form. Maybe his lawyers have been bossing him around too much?


It sounds like he made the promise on a whim just to show up Hillary.

We could probably trick him into resigning just by pointing out that Hillary and Obama never had the guts to quit after their first year.


He’s a Special Prosecutor, a former FBI chief, but I imagine that’s still a felony.

Trump’s dick-waving of an oath like that probably means that he’s going to try to slide out of it somehow.

Also… Does that mean that Trump feels free to lie if he’s not under oath?


Ask Dick Chaney.

In the race to develop the thinnest possible veneers, satirists are pushing more envelopes than chemical engineers in the Trump era…


We all saw this part coming. Now is the time to follow up with “Mr. President, do you stand by your promise to do what Hillary was too afraid to do or are you gonna let your lawyers boss you around?”


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