Trump's lawyers want him not to do interview with Mueller in Russia inquiry: NYT


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A pathological lier sitting down with the FBI, what could go wrong?


Of course this is the perfect stance for Trump to be able to take: “I want to talk to the FBI, but my (((laaaawyers))) don’t want me to” *wank motion*. More having that cake and eating it…


It must take years off of the lawyers’ lives to have him as a client, which is just desserts for anyone who’d willingly represent him.

If he is interviewed I hope it’s videoed for posterity:

Mueller: Let’s start with this document here, sir. Could you read us the paragraph marked in yellow?

Il Douche: Ok, um…oh, wait a minute, this print is small and I forgot my magnifier glasses in the Oval Office. Oh well…

[Mueller swoops in, unfolding a case filled with them.]

Mueller: No problem! We brought along a wide assortment of brand new ones for you, sir. Take your time finding one that suits your needs. Fun fact: they’re called “cheaters”. [chuckles]

And so on…


“Refusing to sit for an interview opens the possibility that Mr. Mueller will subpoena the president to testify before a grand jury, setting up a court fight that would dramatically escalate the investigation and could be decided by the Supreme Court,” the Times reports. Source: Axios

Notorious RBG: “Bring it!”


A line I have heard so many times from conservatives, “If he is innocent, there is nothing to fear”.

Oh, but this is a “fishing expedition”? What do you mean this is different from Clinton?

Round and around we go. The whole right wing support hinges on the idea that he can’t possibly be corrupt, or guilty.

Or if he is, so what? He is doing it to MAGA.

The smart right wingers have been making their peace with Russia for a long time now. They know how it is likely to turn out.


would it be unethical for his lawyers to allow him to stumble into a Mueller interview? After all, its not like it would hurt their billings.


I’m willing to bet every lawyer with a year of experience has has a client or two who just can’t stop running their mouths. They probably have a class in law school called “Shutting Up your Blabbermouth Client.”


Don’t you just hate these newfangled voluntary subpoenas?

Set the Marshall’s on his ass.


Remember: The Donald has a tendency to do exactly the opposite of what his handlers want him to do.

“You’re not the boss of me!”


Remember all the times Obama was warned not to speak to investigators? Yeah, me too.


Yeah, I figured this would be like his tax returns - he “wants” to do it, but “someone else” is preventing him. Until he declares that no one cares/it no longer matters.

From Trump himself, no less.

Apparently during the libel case, he was woefully unprepared, though I suspect that was despite the best efforts of his lawyers. Their efforts were just wasted.


He’s not scared.


I hope it’s done with his head in an MRI machine as data to the next ten generations. They could read the waves, like this.


Oh boy. Trump lawyers get to choose between a perjury trap and a subpoena trap. They should remember the penalty for treason is death.


Yeah, there’s absolutely no way Trump won’t lie and/or compromise himself further if he has to sit down with the FBI people and answer their questions.


Or worse, tell the truth, and say it was his idea and it was the best idea ever in the history of governments everywhere.


They might make an exception for him, but in general, it is strict FBI policy no to make or allow recordings of their interviews. If the interviews were recorded, it might prevent them from lying about what was said later.


It is my understanding that they have relaxed that rule.


Jimmy Carr, on QI over the weekend: “When Donald Trump took office, little did he know…”