Trump speaks to Vladimir Putin of Russia for second time in 2 days

Who wants to bet he’s blackmailing Trump with the piss tape and other things for supplies?


So what can I do to change the government of the usa that won’t be likely get me or some one I love killed between right now and next month? Cuz I feel pretty lost. Vote? Sure I’ll try when/if the chance arises … Anything else?


I find that my boss and I call each other much more frequently whenever there’s a disaster at work, too. This is completely normal behavior when this kind of relationship exists between an employer and employee.


Putin wouldn’t need to blackmail Trump with anything in particular if Trump’s businesses are dependent on Russian money.

August: Eric Trump tells author James Dodson, “We don’t rely on American banks […] We have all the funding we need out of Russia”, and says, “We go there all the time”. In May 2017, Eric Trump calls this quote “fabricated” and an example of why people distrust the media.


I think any notion of a pee tape is irrelevant. Even if it exists in HD, Trump can just deny and it will be ignored.

What Russia has over him is a thoroughly documented, exhaustively detailed accounting of just how much he is entangled in decades of corrupt, money laundering shady deals with clear incontrovertible evidence of immense amounts of illegal actions. A file that if made public would inevitably lead him and probably most of his family to jail.

I have always assumed that the day Putin decides Trump is a liability is the day that file makes it to a dozen news organizations. The utter chaos unleashed by such revelations could potentially collapse the US Republic. But first, elevate the god-king as high as possible and make his followers completely committed to his sheer unimpeachable perfection so that their very identities are threatened by any such revelations. The end result will be a significant swathe of the country repudiating any notion of legality or accountability, and the possible collapse of the legal system as a result.

In all, probably the most successful intelligence operation in human history.


So, we’re using our Chernoybl counting methods? Got it.


Call your Senators and Congressor.

Trump can only wield power because of enablers in the legislative branch. If they think that supporting Trump, or not fighting him harder, will get them kicked out of office, they will start to push back, and they won’t wait until November to do it.


(both burst into maniacal laughter)


I realize that right now, with COVID-19 playing havoc with our former daily routines, some of these suggestions are harder to do than others… but… well, I’ve done some of the stuff listed here.



Find someone in government or running for public office who you believe is making a positive difference in your area… city, county, province, state. Then lend her/him/them your support. Blockwalk. Phonebank. Register people to vote. I’ve done these–the people you work with (your fellow volunteers) will train you.

You could run for office. Yeah, it’s not something that a lot of us would do as a first option, but:

If you don’t see anyone in your area whose principles align with yours in government, consider finding a local group working to make positive changes to the status quo. Could something as simple as volunteering at your local public library or local literacy program, or Meals on Wheels, or a group that plants trees in your area (and waters them!).

Ask your local librarian for help finding groups, if you are lucky enough to have a local library. Librarians are amazing people and their training makes them the best search engines ever.

If you are still feeling alone, see if there’s some place you can start a community fruit/vegetable garden.

These can bring people together, feed people in a food desert, provide calming greenery and beauty, a place for pollinators, nice smells, and more.

I love what these City Repair people are doing. Inspiring:

PM me if you like; I’m happy to help you dig around for a niche that could welcome willing hands and a willing heart. What are you good at? What gives you energy, as opposed to drains you of it?

Yours in solidarity,
a tired human who has not given up yet
Austin, Texas, USA

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Zo Donnyboy, iz Coronavirus helping like I promist? Yes, indeed, Vlad. I should have the country’s economy completely bankrupt and the entire population in debt. They are going to love your brand of communism - oligarchic monopoly. I have replaced all the appointees now with acting nincompoops. Da! Vee got a kick out of Modly. Where you find these clowns? Very imprezziv. Giuliani finds them for me. He used to be a fixer for the NYC mob you know. Prosecuting all Gambino’s rivals got him elected mayor. Da, Russian mob bosses told me that yearz ago. Vell, keep it up. Your palace near St. Petersburg is almost ready to move into next year. Gotta go, steel hav to boolsheet some Arabs about killing off your oil companies.


That seems off, even if it’s negative; full points, but for other reasons!
Now if you’d said [large group] deserve Tiger King because Jackass…yeah, that’s an intriguing line of questioning that runs through filling a house with inflatable furniture and animals with beaks and/or claws and/or temari. Americans would pay good money to see Lester Holt repair vinyl, so VALID!

On the other hand, we should wonder if the Joe Administration: Ladder Out Of Ninth Hell should keep Trump and a phone and a TV that only tunes in one channel that isn’t Fox News and a Gund unboxing YT channel, just to make sure Trump misunderstanding all things can continue as US foreign policy to H9 as needed.


Not really, no. There are people in America who deserve Trump, but most Americans do not. I’d go so far as to say that even most of the people who voted for Trump in 2016 don’t deserve him. (If they do it again in 2020, though…)


Comrade, be sure to continue coercing them to use voting machines, we haven’t infiltrated the USPS yet.”

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breaking news!

No one can do anything to change the government, not the way I think you mean. That’s not realistic – not in scale to individual efficacy.

Feeling lost is a related but separate matter.

Try shutting out the politics, shutting out “news” altogether.

Feeling better – feeling not lost – is the heart of self-care, of well-being.

You will find no inner peace in politics. I know I don’t.


Can’t come soon enough.

And if our ‘democracy’ can’t survive it, then it never deserved the right to call itself one, and those of us who actually believe in it then make it one.

Fully unmask the faux-patriot authoritarians.

It won’t happen while he’s in office. Trump is Vlad playing his royal flush in the last hand of the world championships of poker. He’s got Trump almost perfectly destroying the United State’s federal government from within, both internally and in the eyes of the world; he’s worked out even better than Vlad could ever have hoped for. The US’s incompetent response to the pandemic is like the perfect cherry on top of the shitshow; the world has now officially lost all faith in our country’s leadership.

You’ll have to wait for him to drop the evidence until after the impeached One has left office and his successor is starting to turn things around; burning the country in even more confusion trying to pick up the pieces of ruination.


Don’t count on it. Exposing this would still make Putin and his cronies look bad and might even lead to sanctions under President Sex Criminal’s eventual successor. It’s much more likely that they would find another way to shoot him down and just walk away with all the Russia connections uninvestigated.

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No, that’s the easy answer. He and the GOP are attempting to establish a white supremacist nation at whatever cost. That description best fits the behaviour we can see. He is also stealing big time, but as he sees it, if he didn’t then others would.


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