Trump supporter Roger Stone tweets racist image on Election Night because why not


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Christ, what an asshole.


Late Stage Trumpster Fire.


Can’t wait until the final counts are in…


gonna be a long evening… and longer rest of the year depending on how sore loser the trump set are feeling.



This guy deserves a nice paper cut and lemon juice poured on it.


I have no idea who this Roger Stone fellow is, but I whole-heartedly agree.


Only if Trump loses.


How can people be so stupid that they fall for this kind of of crap?


Christ, it’s too close. Way, way too close. I’m not sure whether to drink a lot or just knock myself out with a hammer until the final counts are in.


Getting hammered won’t solve anything.


Ah, but you didn’t say where!




“I hate women I can’t masturbate to.”

  • Joe Q America


I must know the wrong Roland Martin.


On the nipple.

Pretty sure it’s supposed to be on the nipple.*

* warning: auto-play video and possibly questionable taste in music (don’t judge).


And let’s be honest here, even if you are a totally ignorant racist asshole, who uses the phrase “negro”?

Is Roger stone someone’s racist 90 year old grandma?

Or is this his idea of a social media acceptable other version of some other N-word?


No, you guys have it all wrong! See, it can’t be racist because there’s a whole 2/3rds of a black cop in the top image (way off to the left)! /s

On a serious note, you guys had a decent run as a working if combat loving country, here’s hoping you can hold on for the next 4 years and somehow recover at some point in the future.


I’m reading this thread and others post-cataclysm… and damn, they’re breaking my heart.

You know those hours just-after-the-event when you feel that you, personally, could almost somehow just, I dunno, go back to to bed and undo it all?