Trump tax requirement for primary run knocked down in California

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No appeal is likely.



I’m mixed on this.

On the one hand it’s a win for Trump, and I don’t like that.

On the other hand it sends a signal that the state cannot add arbitrary requirements to candidacy as this easily be weaponized.


I think Trump’s inability to run for re-election in 2010 has more to do with the laws of temporal causality than the laws of man.


Yeah, this. I’d love for Trump’s attempts to hide his returns to be ended, but the precedent that would have been set by allowing arbitrary requirements would have been immediately and shamelessly leveraged by the GOP as an adjunct to their overt gerrymandering and voter suppression efforts. Who knows what arbitrary requirements they would have added to make it hard on Dems… :-/


A sufficient number of voters decided that they didn’t care about his tax returns. That doesn’t really bother me in the way that the fact that those voters didn’t care that he is a racist, scheming, moronic, thin-skinned egotistical misogynist does.


The Republinazis have spent 40 years packing the courts with right-wing judges, building a propaganda machine that rivals what Dr. Goebbels had, enacting voter suppression laws, breaking unions, destroying the public school system, and taking gerrymandering to a level that makes the original Governor Gerry look like a rank amateur. You really think this is going to stop them from exploring a new avenue in trying to bring about the Sovietization of America?


This was a self-evidently bad idea, and equally self-evidently wasn’t going to succeed. I assume it was just meant as posturing, and OK, but it’s dumb to make a threat when you know your bluff is going to be called.

To Turmp and his supporters the story here was always going to be that he defeated the evil Democrats’ plan to steal his secret tax return crystals. If you’re not understanding their worldview in terms of morally vacuous 1980s Saturday morning cartoons, you are disastrously overthinking it.


Stop? No. But there’s no reason to give them more tools to abuse.

I think now that the idea is in their heads, they’ll try it in their turn, but with a twist that favors them. That also may not work, but they will have had this as a trial run to give them information to figure out how to get around the courts.

Are we going back in time? If so, could we keep going back for awhile. I’m not sure when I would want to stop anymore because every decade has its problems. Let’s see if we can get to when the universe squeezes back in on itself, and pause there.


The California Supreme Court, who issued the decision, was primarily packed by Jerry Brown.


Yeah, but the tax returns would have at least shown how “scheming” he really is.

In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.


Hm. If we manage to get a Trump win in 2010 and 2014 into the history books (the exact mechanism for accomplishing this is left as an exercise for the reader), does he then become ineligible to run in 2020 due to term limits?

Just spitballin’ here.


He’s already decided those don’t apply to him.


He’d have needed to be running for something other than the presidency in 2010 to get a win then.

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