Trump tells supporters to boycott DirecTV if it follows through on plans to drop One America News Network

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The less mouthpieces these fools get, the better.


Biff has been on a real tear over the past 24 hours. I sincerely hope it’s an expression of his own anxiety and stress over the investigations bearing down from him from all sides.


Y’know Rand, sometimes I ask myself that question too.


Ahoy! I think we should all boycott Direct TV. No political reason, just that the old model of paying to watch commercials is awful and it shouldn’t be supported.


That is hilarious. Because by boycotting DirecTV, they also cut themselves off from their other fixes of wingnuttery. They won’t do it!

Those few that do will be much improved by the experience.




As an aside, if you have a 1-meter satellite dish, you can get into Free-To-Air programming. Unencrypted satellites are further out, and it takes a bit of expertise to get set up for it, but quite doable.

I used to have such a setup, and I may well get it going again at some point. Mostly it’s just Christian TV channels, a few NASA channels (which are cool), and a boatload of international programming (mostly who uses FTA setups, people who want to watch programming from their home country).

If anyone knows of more interesting content not listed above, please let me know. It will be my summer project, getting back into FTA.


I have never in my life fervently wished someone would just up and die. Until now. Given the RNC’s support for Trump’s coup attempt, the Supreme Court’s re-authorization of Jim Crow, and the quiet (or no-to-quiet) enabling by countless Republican hacks who love Trump’s coattails and imagine they’ll be able to control him once he’s re-elected–given all that, I’ve come to believe the country’s only hope to avoid the gangster state Donny Boy craves is for the Orange One to suffer a thundering apoplexy on a rally stage.

There would follow a bloodbath within the Republican party, of course, as de Santis and the other sharks tear into each other in an attempt to fill Trump’s shoes. But Trumpism is about the worship of one so-called man, and, thank God, there is thus far only one Trump.

Should Trump do us the favor of croaking there will inevitably be a flood of conspiracy theories and demands for an armed uprising. I think, though, that the big brave MAGAmites showed their colors after they started being arrested for their January 6th shenanigans. They’re mostly cowards. Without Il Duce up there egging them on and promising pardons for murderers, they’ll most likely make a lot of noise, shoot a few scary Black men, then crawl back into their hidey-holes to whine.


This seems like a bit of a stretch. They only call themselves a news channel. The distortions they present indicate they don’t deserve this title.


Asking Americans to stop watching TV, for any reason, is a losing battle.


Probably true but I think the real damage created by the channel is that they spread crazy right-wing conspiracy theories widely enough that more “mainstream” outlets like Fox News pick them up and share them with a substantially larger audience. The continued existence of OANN pushes the Overton window into new extremes.


There are still a lot of rural communities that don’t have cable, and their only recourse is satellite.

Of course, that’s what burns TFG here. For many of his most fervent followers, it’s DirectTV or nothing.


Gee, if the right didn’t fight Net Neutrality and supporting internet access as a public utility and a right, similar to access to the electrical grid, these rural people would have more options.


Can you point me to a reliable resource or information about this? Email/PM if necessary. I have the technology but much of what’s on the internet is US-centric, and I live in Europe. So far I have been unsuccessful.


Sure, will write up some stuff for you and PM it later. As I understand it there may be slightly different standards, and definitely different satellites, but much of the hardware should be the same.


Don’t most of these rural communities have Internet access (3Mbit/s or faster is all you need for a single SD stream)? You don’t need cable or satellight to get Internet access to get that level of access.

I realize that as a lifelong city-dweller, basic Internet access is not an issue (though I’d love to ditch Comcast), but I don’t really see the need for cable/satellite access if I just want to get news or watch Sling to get live TV. When I look at national maps of cellular coverage, it looks like 4g coverage is well over 95% of the contenental US.

Since basic TV service can be gotten through the Internet, I don’t understand the need (or desire) for a service like DirecTV if you already have Intenet access.


True, but I think most of those satellite Internet packages are bundled with providers like DirectTV. So it’s kinda same-same.


What a conundrum. Many, if not most, rural consumers have no other way to get Fox News than via DirectTV.


I have a cabin way out on the far Western reaches of the Texas Hill Country. Until recently, there was literally no internet out there. Now, they’ve essentially got DSL.