Trump the Chump (Part 1)

Contrasted to Elon Musk, Jeff Beezos, or hell even Steve Ballmer. I think any of them could have mounted much the same populist support as Trump has (minus the racism/sexism, natch), but with much more individual credibility.

Something to expect in 2020, to be certain.


Yes, and with examples (steaks, vodka, magazines, mortgages, born rich, lies), that’s a spell-breaker.

He’s a joke and changes his position faster you can say, read my lips …

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Or, watch my hips!


Ugh. No. I mean, less racism, but still the same rich dudes who think they hung the moon and can fix our world, if only we’d unleash our productive capacity through deregulation. How about we have a moratorium on rich people running for office. You make over $200,000 a year, no running for office for you.


So, you won’t be endorsing Bloomberg, then?


No, but I’m sure you knew that. I do realize that people with money can have political platforms I agree with, for sure. But all too often, the rich act as a class, working against the rest of us. They already have an larger impact on how society functions, just by their wealth. Politics should be the domain of balancing interest in a meaningful way and if people with $$$$ dominate, then the rest of us are sort of screwed.


To be clear, I don’t prefer them. I just think they’d be better at authentically delivering what Drumpf has tapped into.

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Apparently congresscritters and senators make $174K, and governors a bit less (on average)…

But that doesn’t leave them much room for receiving ‘gifts’.

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Good. They shouldn’t. they should do their jobs and stop trying to make a mint off their positions. If they can’t live off that much money, they’re doing it wrong.


Yeah, really…it’s almost like they don’t understand the concept of public service. /s


A NYT report on new GOP attacks in Florida on Drumpf campaign.

Four different groups have reserved at least $10 million in airtime in Florida so far, according to trackers of media spending. That number is expected to grow, but television stations in Florida are already awash in such ads.

Two from the American Future Fund, which has spent $2 million so far in Florida and Illinois, show decorated veterans assailing Mr. Trump as a poseur on military matters. Michael Waltz, a retired Special Forces colonel, blisteringly calls Mr. Trump a draft dodger and, effectively, a coward. “Donald Trump hasn’t served this country a day in his life,” he says. “Don’t let Trump fool you.”

And a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, Tom Hanton, bluntly questions Mr. Trump’s toughness: “Trump would not have survived the P.O.W. experience. He would have been probably the first one to fold.” …


What a bastard!


I don’t understand @funruly . . . what did the unicorns do to him?

As anticipated, Latinos are mobilizing against the GOP frontrunner.

Julia Preston reported today for the NYT:

DENVER — Donald J. Trump’s harsh campaign rhetoric against Mexican immigrants has helped him win a substantial delegate lead in the Republican primary, but it is also mobilizing a different set of likely voters — six of them alone in the family of Hortensia Villegas.

A legal immigrant from Mexico, Ms. Villegas is a mother of two who has been living in the United States for nearly a decade but never felt compelled to become a citizen. But as Mr. Trump has surged toward the Republican nomination, Ms. Villegas — along with her sister, her parents and her husband’s parents — has joined a rush by many Latino immigrants to naturalize in time to vote in November.

“I want to vote so Donald Trump won’t win,” said Ms. Villegas, 32, one of several hundred legal residents, mostly Mexicans, who crowded one recent Saturday into a Denver union hall. Volunteers helped them fill out applications for citizenship, which this year are taking about five months for federal officials to approve.

“He doesn’t like us,” she said. …

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At first he gave them jobs, and everyone was cool.

Then, they threatened to unionize.


Drumpf is under fire in Japan for 80s style protectionist rhetoric.

Mr. Trump’s ascendance has begun to cause serious unease in Japan. Even if his run ends short of the White House, the worry is that an election dominated by such talk could leave the United States more closed to trade and less willing to defend its allies.

“My friends in the Foreign Ministry are in a state of panic,” said Kiichi Fujiwara, an expert on international politics at the University of Tokyo. “This is the first time in a long time that we’ve seen straightforward protectionism from an American presidential candidate.”

Major Japanese newspapers published critical editorials a day after Mr. Trump’s sweeping victories in the Super Tuesday primaries last week.

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“Unicorn Executions” is a very ambiguous phrase without the picture.

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This is the right idea GOP.

First time I can remember agreeing with something Mr. Romney did.