Trump the Chump (Part 1)

Can’t this be used as evidence to get this schmuck’s tax-exempt status revoked?


Maybe now that Scalia is dead…


After 3/15/16 primaries, Harry Enten at FiveThirtyEight is concluding that Drumpf’s path to GOP nomination still isn’t clear.

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That’s been pretty clear for a while, I’d have though.

Looks like a plurality because he has a ceiling of votes. Just against Cruz, he won’t win 2 horse races, so his lead will slowly drop. With Kasich there too, he won’t break 50% in many places, although he will end up with the most delegates. He’ll have more than Cruz, but not enough to win, and we’ll have a Chicago '68 situation.

Which’ll be fun.


Trump: If I Lose At The Convention, ‘I Think You’d Have Riots’


I just started watching Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal, she did a piece of Cruz the other night. It’s crazy that he’s the guy who they are going to count on to stop Trump when he is the most detestable person in the GOP. They showed a clip of Lindsay Graham saying: “If you killed Ted Cruz on the Senate floor, and the trial was held in the Senate, no one could convict you.” Everybody just hates him on a personal level.

That is a really weird person for the party to hang their hopes on. Plus Ted Cruz has basically never accomplished anything. He spent his entire time in Senate blocking things from happening, not doing things. From his history, the only thing we ought to expect him to do as president is veto every bill.

Donald Trump is terrible, but the idea of backing Ted Cruz to beat him makes me think of backing bin Laden to oust the USSR from Afghanistan.


Agreed though I wondered at times yesterday if Drumpf’s “ceiling” would hold.

His campaign still isn’t unifying his own party and couldn’t win Ohio. There’s a path to 1,237 apparently with the winner-take-all states since the GOP coalition groups are scattering.

While the GOP factions prepare their self-preserving Plan Bs, the opposition will have more opportunities to seize initiative — e.g. with Justice Garland’s nomination.

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I think this is maybe why the GOP aren’t too unhappy with a contested convention - they could try to stop either of them.

But apparently there’s a rule (adopted in 2012 to block Ron Paul from becoming the nominee) that candidates need a majority of delegates from at least 8 states or territories to be considered as a candidate. Kasich is never going to manage that.


For certain definitions of fun.


wait what? all of a sudden i login and theres like a million mentions of me in this thread. creepy. i don’t get it. what is the point? am i being doxed because i like someone other than you o_O what am i supposed to contribute here? you realize i come on this website for reasons beyond just politics right? am i not supposed to voice my opinion when a post pertains to politics? actually, i already feel that way, and sometimes i feel rude for doing so, so i just don’t say anything and let everyone nod their heads in agreement at each other.

i get that this site has a certain bias, so i don’t always come on here and post comments about Trump because that would be rude. i realize what side this blog is on and i’m not a dick.

so why is there a whole thread logging my comments? especially on a website that is otherwise always talking about the evils of tracking people online & group mobs…?! do you see why that might be a bit weird?

As the people in this thread are likely not responsible for your settings, maybe the extended rant about how you stay out of political discussions that itself is a part of a political discussion making a political point might be seen as excessive.

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Right but why would I have a thread I hadn’t yet even posted in muted? Also this guy is calling me out like I’m afraid to comment so thats why I added an “extended rant” (lol) about why I don’t just sit there posting over and over again in every dumb primary thread like certain people~

Don’t you guys think its shameful the way our country suffered through an era of dereliction of leadership, unimplemented promises, and abdication of governmental responsibility under Christian Conservatism? Those Representatives of that movement were able to accomplish nothing, then beat their chests about certain social issues, to charge up a reliable voting base that would grant them votes solely on the things they said about “Family Values” “Protecting Prayer” “Right to Life” and “Faith Based Philanthropy”. We had to suffer through that, yet we now allow the other side to also accomplish nothing they’ve promised (wheres our single-payer? Gauntanamo still open? continuing foreverwar in Iraq and Afghanistan and expansion into Libya and Syria?), cowtow to corporate interests, and abdicate governance in exchange for photo-ops. Their inability to deliver on any of their own promises have made the “liberal” / “progressive” monikers they gave to their voterbase just as empty & meaningless as the “Conservative” and “Constitutionalist” monikers the last group gave to theirs. When they need these people to come out and vote for them? They beat their chests shouting a new set of carefully researched Social Buzzwords just like their predecessors did. They justify appointments of unqualified individuals based on the individual’s “score” within a certain set of social constructs just like the other side did. Let us not be blind to this anymore, like we refused to be blind to it when it was happening under the labels of Compassionate Conservatism.

If you want to support the Jill Scott and The Greens in this election, more power to you friend, I would encourage you to do so. Don’t vote for the Democrats. But as for me: I’m going a different way. If you take the time to look past the engineered bullshit that has been expertly crafted by the powers-that-be against Mr. Trump (née Drumpf) you may find that his policies align with yours. They’re trying to get us to turn against him based on personality, the critiques we see are of his personality, or more shamefully, the alleged personality of his supporters, based on the actions of a few. Do we vote personality, or principle? I’m going principle. I want to see the 28 pages! I want to stop TPP because all the diversity laws in the world we pass can be overturned by the clauses in the TPP that allow international interest to trump (no pun intended) local legislation! Out of one side of the media’s mouth we hear “Trump is a secret liberal!” and out of the other side “He’s Hitler!”. Bit of a disconnect, but one things for sure, if anyone is a “secret liberal” it is certainly NOT Hillary Clinton, and she sure hits the Hitler mark alot closer.

Three. You’ve been quoted two times in this thread, and one @-mention. One. Two. And Three. Of course, that adds up to a million if you learned your math from Trump University.

Trump’s stance is already covered upthread. Trump has been quoted as wanting to kill the families of terrorists, go tougher than waterboarding, and you may remember his praise of executing Muslims with bullets dipped in pigs blood. This isn’t “engineered bullshit” to make trump look bad, this is the bullshit falling out of his mouth.

This is a forum for discussion. Say what you want (within the rules), support who you want, vote for who you want. But, don’t fake surprise if other people question, challenge, or contradict those opinions.

As Steve Chabot once said, “Politics is a contact sport.” If you can’t handle a online political debate, maybe it’s time for you to get tough?

ps- Calling me a “creep” or “weird” or other attempts to shame me into silence won’t work.


LIke those are bad things… :slight_smile:


What the hell are you doing here? You don’t belong here.


Wow, you sound remarkably intelligent for a Trump supporter…

As a non-American, I kinda prefer him to Clinton too, because fucking TPP, and the US could use a good scare for indulging all that small-minded produce for so long.

But I can watch from the other side of the Pacific.

Just a short reminder that the president is given nuclear weapon launch codes. Ponder how that could shake out with an impulsive manchild in possession of said codes.


TPP or nuclear armageddon… tough call.


I lived through Reagan and Bush the Greater. I don’t wish to have that particular worry constantly at the back of my mind again.