Trump the Chump


No wonder Donnie is acting erratically.


Where’s the button labelled “Bomb the shit out of brown people in far-off country as diversion”?


It’s right beside the diet coke button.


Chump overload!

John Mappin, a Scientologist lifer, owns the “Camelot Castle Hotel”, a railway hotel for a railway that was never built. It’s the worst hotel in Britain according to TripAdvisor reviews before they’re deleted and drowned by paid fake reviews. He’s a huge Trump fan and fame troll.

I give you the Knighting of Sir Donald Trump of Camelot Castle (hotel):


Melania Trump’s first public appearance in 27 days.


LOL That’s funny! :smile:



Is that a promotion or a demotion from Commander in Cofeve?






'murica first. Oh wait.




Nothing to see there…


I can hardly blame them, given how the U.S. has treated other relatively defenseless (i.e., non-nuclearized) countries.

I also wonder what the U.S. has done to demonstrate to North Korea that it has no nukes stashed away in South Korea.

And of course, I assume that any sort of mutual draw down of the U.S. stockpile more generally isn’t even part of the discussion.


From Michael Pembroke’s Korea: Where the American Century Began.


Trump not understanding what he read? That’s not news.


He said the trade battle is like a poker game “we can’t lose.” He urged people to give him more time with the negotiations: “Just play the game for a little while.”

Oooohhh. That’s grifter speak for “Wait right here, I’ll get you your money.” before running out the back door and jumping in the getaway car. I mean, he’s not even subtle.


Basic economics is hard! Sad!

Poland. Too bad it’s not India, because that would be full circle.