Trump: 'There has been so much unnecessary death in this country'

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It might seem more in character depending on his definition of “unnecessary.” One part of this that’s going to be hilarious in history books (it’s a little too life-and-death today) is his inept attempts to find a way to make a disease hit his opponents harder than his supporters (“crime against humanity” doesn’t feel like an overstatement here) at the same time his supporters are participating in astroturfed protests over their god-given, constitutionally-guaranteed right to get their roots touched up. I mean, do you have any idea how much it costs to rig an election when half your actual voters are dead? This whole situation is just so unfair to Trump.


He’s been doing everything he can to deflect blame. Trying to pin their full-assed terrible response to the pandemic on Obama, WHO, China despite there being ample evidence that the US had enough evidence early on to take action. Not to mention republicans saying its no worse than the flu, then buy anti-malarials because they’re a miracle cure, and then “the virus was made in a lab in China”… all of which don’t pass any level of scrutiny so i’m wondering what their next scapegoat will be.


We’ve seen the response: “only” 60k dead when the chicken little democratic governors were predicting millions, and then I stepped in saved all those lives. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

Now the plan will be to say this as much as possible so it becomes “truth”.


Trumpers will continue to blame anyone but Trump, even when the death toll passes the worst estimates.

But the majority of Trumpers were always a lost cause. What America really needs is for the few reasonable people left in the GOP to jump ship for good over this fiasco. Elections need to stop being 51% to 49%, and start being 70% to 30%.

The Republican party has been breeding a population of idiots and paranoiacs who will gladly ignore science and data in favor of quackery and gut feelings.


And, of course,


I still can’t comprehend how almost 1/2 of the populace is still voting against their self-interests. Educated individuals would not.


Yes, you kumquat-colored muthafucka; it was YOU who fucking “decided not to do it that way!”




There are educated republicans, part of the issue i’ve become aware of is that some people are so opposed or scared of “liberal” concepts that either look like or are socialist in nature that they will blindly go all in on right wing ideals even if those things directly harm them. They just know they don’t want any association with anything perceived to be liberal, i know because my own parents are like this. I have to constantly remind them that the candidates and party they discuss about voting for are directly opposed to people like my family (Latino and immigrants), they tend to back off after i talk to them but i doubt i’m realistically changing their attitudes.


It’s not that 1/2 of the populace is voting against their own self-interest; it’s that half of the populace doesn’t vote. Whether they’ve been disenfranchised or just convinced that their vote doesn’t matter or affect things, that’s the real tragedy.

There is a misconception of the true average Republican voter. The (apparently) undereducated, loud mouthed, uncouth, redneck is what a lot of people imagine, especially when it comes to Trump voters. But the demographics don’t bear that out. Trump and the GOP’s voter base is primarily white (duh), wealthy or middle-class, and has a college degree. If you isolate it down to economic policy, those people are voting in their own (immediate) self-interest.


I think time will recognize that this was the tweet of the century:


Who is responsible?



Unnecessary. Not like that one in Charlottesville a coupla years back.


A solution is to not cover what Trump says.


Yeah, I mean, besides the (bad) decisions of the last five months on his part, Trump dismantled all the pandemic response structures put in place by Obama and even GWB. When he did that, people outright said, “There’s going to be a pandemic, and we’ll be unable to have a timely, organized response, so people will die unnecessarily.” He did it anyways. So trying to put the blame on some vague others, before he was president… Jesus, that’s some prime bullshit. It should be kept in a museum as the prime example of the most bullshittiest bullshit possible.

I mean, it really is always projection… every damn time. It amazes me that anyone still falls for it.


This is now my favourite slur for him, you can get a real lot of energy into that word and make it sound really bad…

Especially as I doubt that bitch ever ate a fruit or vegetable that wasn’t mashed potatoes.


And there are plenty of progressives who never finished high school. Education isn’t a prerequisite for nor an indicator of basic human empathy. My kids recognized Trump for what he is when they were six.


As did mine, however old she was the first time she saw/heard of him.


I’m starting to think he really is running the country like a business. He thinks people are bring him pitches
“prezy t? the Coronavirus…”
“no, not investing in that”

“President Putin on line 1”