Trump: 'There has been so much unnecessary death in this country'

The first time a kid says “Who’s that asshole?” about him that swear is totally forgivable.


Trump has made me a believer in the Thanatic Instinct. America has decided to die, and it’s chosen Donald J. Trump as its suicide weapon.


It’s not a suicide, it’s a mass murder-suicide.


The deaths are only “unnecessary” because in his mind, China is to blame, not him. “Almost a confession”? Please. It’s Rich-Ass Narcissist 101.


Heh, my 7y/o calls him Drumpster. I ask why, and she says “he’s mean to other people”. I then try to think of a reason to correct her and teach empathy…then I realize she’s just talking about Drumpster.


I still remember an argument my twins had during the 2016 campaign that went something like this:

A: You’re stupid
B: YOU’RE stupid
A: You’re a poopy-head
B: You’re a lame brain
A: You’re a Donald Trump


There are educated republicans…

Very much so, and being very smart in one subject or another doesn’t mean all subjects, or that it qualifies as a lick of common sense.

I recall being dismissed several years ago during a discussion about gravity by an epidemiologist who just so happens to be leading the C19 response in an African nation right now, by telling me they didn’t believe in physics.


The Democrats have been running as fast as they can to the Right for almost fifty years. They still haven’t got “the few reasonable people left in the GOP” to vote for them. And they’ve abandoned anyone, literally, to the Left of Nixon and Reagan in order to do so.

We don’t need a Democratic Party that’s just slightly less bad than Mitch McConnell. We need one that is better than FDR


And 80-90% of it, his fault.


Yes we do. McConnell is so bad he is corrosive to the entire system. A literal criminal conspirator and plague cheerleader

The good news about the degeneration of the GOP to the Neo-Nazi party is that it makes progressives look that much more credible as a bulwark against them. You will get your way, just not in the White House.

Say fucking what?! You’re really saying that it’s good enough to be just a little less bad than Moscow Mitch?
No. We need to be much, much better than that. The Democrats have spent four decades shrinking and having nothing positive to run on with their Republican-Lite strategy. “We aren’t as bad as cancer” is not a way to get people enthusiastic about you or build a country.


You aren’t getting your progressive candidate in the WH this go round. Pouting isn’t changing that. You are getting it downticket for the time being. For the first time in a generation progressive politics is gaining traction. Better to nurture it than drown it.

Better to replace Trump with a lump like Biden, who will be in the pocket of progressives after the election, than traitorous felonious fuckwits like Trump and McConnell.

Considering right now the alternative is “We are worse than cancer and literally mass murdering Americans”, take your victories where you can find them. Just when you think the GOP has hit rock bottom, they find a way to go even further down.


What we need is for people (especially young people) to freaking vote. Less than a quarter of the eligible voting population voted for Trump already, and he still fell far short of a majority of those who did bother voting. Yet here we are. You will not get very far trying to pry the stupidest quartile of the population away from Trump. Anybody who still supports him at this point isn’t going anywhere.

The GOP is trying to set themselves up as an unaccountable, unrepresentative, single-party autocracy. We easily have the numbers to stop them cold if not for twenty-somethings who are all reddit-rant and no ballot-box and smug “South Park” libertarians whose “both sides” bullshit is just a way of trying to leverage their total elective ignorance into a feeling of unearned superiority.


…is literally the rationale for chemotherapy.


@Brian_Shock this has gone into my 7-page listing of memorable quotes that I’ve been accumulating for the past dozen or so years, Food For Thought. Many thanks for the brutal, realistic assessment; I hope to Hell you’re wrong by some small chance.

Does ketchup count?


The Republicans have decided that, along with the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty, it is time to rewrite some other important papers. Here is the text of the new Pledge of Allegiance which they had planned to unveil at their national convention this year:

“I pledge unthinking loyalty to whatever rich old racist criminal the party throws up, and to the party which supports his claims of absolute power, one party, one leader, one folk, sacred and invincible, with liberty for all who have the right skin, and justice for all who can afford our prices.”

Party spokesmen, following their leader’s example in the way they state things, have said that while brown shirts are not mandatory for entry to the convention, they are strongly encouraged, because for those who don’t, well, we don’t know, maybe the 2nd Amendment people can do something about it.


Well in all fairness, Obama had eight whole years, from 2009 to 2017, to stop COVID-19. Poor old Trump only had, what, five months?

/s, obviously


Ketchup has a better grasp of arithmetic than Trump does.