Trump to America: "Giraffes Are Jerks!"


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Donald Trump can get us to debate anything he wants, including whether or not giraffes are jerks.




Hey, Rhode island got a mention…sweet.


geraffes are so dumb.


Always sweet when home gets mentioned!


#Reuben Bolling gets it.

With the exception of a few Independents like Bernie Sanders, the political Left* in the USA uses mainstream rhetoric that harms their own causes and fights on battle grounds of the the Right’s** choosing. Trump takes full advantage of those weaknesses to promote his own brand.

* Nominally Left, really just center-right authoritarians.
** Nominally Right, really just pseudo-libertarian plutocrats.


I feel like I shouldn’t talk about this.




Hell even trump’s supporters acknowledge he’s an asshole ‘that’s why we like him. He says how it is.’


It’s funny depressing because it’s true!


I’m not sure it’s the media who looks foolish when Trump tweets.


Is there a point here some where?


Alameda County has a pretty big valley, as well as silicon (including Livermore Laboratory.)


Nice summary!

I find the fact that everybody in the US uses Republican terminology so disheartening.

Use their words and discuss their topics = accept their framing of the issue


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