Trump tweets he's, like, really smart

seriously, could not even make this shit up as fast as it comes


Yeah… No one with a spec of honest introspection would refer to themselves like that.

Time to do a quick swap of that yuuge button.



I started reading the book yesterday. Trump is basically bending over backwards to make himself look like the clueless narcissistic manchild Wolff describes.


Trump’s biographer basically said the worst bits were all consistent with the man. Some was unverifiable but mostly the book rated as Required reading.

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Please make it stop. Even comedians are having a hard time making fun of the guy since he makes every joke write itself.

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just like really smart, … only dumber.

Scary stuff from Axios:

"Nothing like this has ever been uttered in public by a sitting president in the existence of our nation. Nothing. And it puts us in uncharted waters:

Leaders and citizens of other nations are openly debating Trump’s sanity.

Democrats, who already called in a psychiatrist to brief them on his mental health, will surely escalate the inquiry.

About two dozen House Dems have backed a bill to remove Trump from office if he is deemed mentally unfit by a commission of physicians and psychiatrists.

Republicans on the Hill privately express concerns about the president’s stability; though none have so far been willing to air their concerns publicly.

Most urgent of all, the internal madness Trump stirs makes it more likely top staff leave and less likely good replacements come in to help run the government. This, more than anything, worries the inner circle.

The media — at first delicately, and now less so — is increasingly exploring the president’s neurology. As I type this, the banner on CNN is: "Mental Health Issue: IS IT WRONG TO QUESTION TRUMP’S MENTAL FITNESS FOR OFFICE?

Yesterday, Jim and I shared with you the parts of Michael Wolff’s book that ring true based in our conservations with many of the same sources. We want to take a crack at painting a composite of what those sources say on this topic in private:

The mental stability topics they talk about are more around narcissism, impulse control, and a lack of empathy — all traits well known to voters before the election. He has very few close and authentic relationships with people outside of Ivanka and Hope Hicks, who sources say he views as another daughter.

What some officials say troubles them is that at best, they have seen no improvement in office. And at worst, there has been a slight worsening.

Trump definitely repeats stories a lot — some friends say more than he did in the past — and might only let aides say two or three words before cutting them off. Again, these are not new characteristics.

Some aides say that if colleagues aggressively push back, sometimes using curse words and a raised voice, he listens and seems to invite more if it. But they remain struck by how quickly he gets roiled and consumed by the smallest of slights or pushbacks outside of meetings."

“Several friends and aides have told us in private they worry about an impulsive or dangerous move against North Korea — or others, too — especially as Trump’s bubble tightens and strong-minded internal critics leave the White House.”


He’s fucking crazy. The GOP has to step up and get rid of him, or they have to go as well.


If this is indeed the worst kept state secret it’s treasonous that nobody has acted.


Republicans and right-wing media spent eight years calling Obama an illegitimate President, an illegal immigrant, a terrorist and worse. The left endured it.

So forgive me if I don’t feel all that sympathetic toward a bunch of spelling- and grammar-challenged crybabies who are upset that their guy is getting called out as the incompetent, unqualified and immoral manbaby he is.


If even Ann Coulter on Beitbart is calling it out, how bad is it?

In order to prove he doesn’t have dementia, as alleged in a recent book, President Trump called a meeting with congressional leaders on Tuesday — and requested that it be televised.

Ivanka: Show them at your best, Daddy!

He then proceeded to completely sell out the base and actually added to his problems by appearing senile.

In a half-dozen exchanges — which, again, he wanted televised — Trump responded to remarks as if he had no clue what the person was saying. One senator would talk — he’d agree. Someone else would say the exact opposite — he’d agree with that, too.

Late-stage 4th dimensional chess?


I feel bad about the idea of laughing at a disabled man, but in this case he fucking deserves it.

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