Trump voters are 50% more likely than Biden voters to have donated sperm, and other important facts

Originally published at: Trump voters are 50% more likely than Biden voters to have donated sperm, and other important facts | Boing Boing


Fortunately I don’t believe in eugenics and political beliefs aren’t something that is genetic…


Not while I’m eating, please…


I’m sure the majority of sperm donors are good and decent people but there is most definitely a subset who donate because they think they are such a fantastic specimen of masculine perfection that the best thing they can do for the species is to spread their genes as far and wide as possible.



I’m sure there’s already ample speculation regarding this correlation. The financial incentives, perhaps.


The article’s donation comparison could be explained by the dearth of women who are members of far-right organizations or on associated websites. If such organizations and sites are leveraged for hook-ups, then the experiential novelty of a test-tube “date” would be better than nothing for Johnny Tacticalvest. :wink:

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Are you saying that they’re not sending their best…And that some, I assume, are good people?


Does anyone know if that percentage is restricted to male voters; or if it potentially just reflects the substantial and well known delta between men and women in terms of voting tendencies.

It would make a lot more sense as a statistic if it were a statement restricted to potential sperm donors; but it doesn’t actually specify that.

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That’s fine. Stay out of the kitchen, then. Fortunately, it takes mere moments to learn how to wash dishes.


The glasses of water necessary per day depends greatly on the individual, and is the change in RottenTomatoes scores occurring in the critic or audience ratings?

That aside, I’d reeeeally love an RSS feed of this monthly index…

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This seems like an encouraging trend. I’m all for an increase in independent bookstores, even if I am one of the most guilty for abandoning physically printed books almost entirely

As someone who holds to the opinion that video games deserve as much respect for being art as films do I’m 100% on board with an elective course that deals with video games the way similar electives do for film.

Is that what they call it…

To be fair, the question says: “If you were physically capable of doing so, would you ever consider donating sperm or eggs, assuming you were financially compensated for your donation?” (Bold Text Mine)

So it’s not necessarily just sperm being donated.


It may be worth noting, looking at the data, that we’re talking about 4% of Biden voters and 6% of Trump voters (which, after all, is a slightly smaller number of voters, overall). Not sure whether this places us further forward or back, on the road to Idiocracy…

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