Trump weak and tired at public appearances

The election is not happening on November 28, but you know what is? The first day of trial in the class action lawsuit brought by people who claim to have been ripped off by Trump “University”. Seems like the prospect of getting wiped out by a yuuuge judgment is weighing heavily on little Donnie.

Edited to add: and yes, on the bench will be Federal District Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who Trump insisted recuse himself because a “Mexican” could not possibly be impartial.


So it’s a Freudian slip then?


He’s sure managed to make it look like it is though!


I despise Trump, but one stutter and one mispoken date doesn’t mean he’s is weak. This would be better titled "Trump appears weak and tired, much like most of America, at public appearance"
Otherwise, this is nothing more than click bait. That makes me sad for Boing Boing… you guys are my favorite.

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Hello extreme newcomer who seems to not even know the name of the site.


We’re saying that trump is acting out with about 1/10th the energy typical of one of his naziesque rallies.


Low Energy Donald


What you’re saying is no better than the folks questioning Hillary’s health. I love this site (and hate autocorrect) and don’t like seeing either side criticized unfairly for nothing. I do not defend Trump lightly (I personally find him despicable). I only ask Boing Boing own up to posting their political narrative over factual content. It’s their prerogative to post what they please but it pains me to see anyone, no matter how terrible they might be, treated unfairly. Two videos, seconds long each, is not enough to prove anyone is ‘weak and tired’. No more than Hillary losing her balance or getting light headed is proof she has serious medical problems. It’s hypocritical.


You are definitely new here and haven’t spent any time in our forums if you’re trying to take that tack with the commentariat.


In other words, all is fair in love and war and trying to keep someone like trump far away from the nuclear football.


I am brand new to the forum, but have been reading the site for many many years. Thanks for welcoming me. I was expressing what I thought to be unfair and whoever said “All’s fair in love and war” has no ethics. I get what you are saying, that we must do anything to keep Trump out of office. But we don’t do everything. No one is suggesting any harm come of him, right? Why not if “All’s fair”? It is because most of us believe that would be ethically wrong, as I believe making unproven, possibly false statements about someone would be. I am not here to make you happy, nor here to troll. In my experience, folks who read Boing Boing are generally intelligent, thoughtful, funny people. I came here for civil discourse on an important topic and you are obviously here to ridicule and haze the newbies.


We’re very suspicious of newbies, yes. Mainly because most of the time they pop out of blue, usually from somewhere like breitbart or stormfront to try and victim blame, mansplain, or just plain troll. That happens fairly often. But I’ll cut you some slack, because you seem to be here for possibly more than just showing up on orders from your superiors.

Again, welcome to the forum. I hope to see you around.


Trump wishes he had a record as good as Sheev Palpatine.

The only place where Trump wins is that in his case The Apprentice was a success for him.


I appreciate that. Thanks you. You will be seeing me around more often :smiley:



I get what your saying. On the one hand we despise the Donald for the stupidities he spouts, and on the other we post similar inanities in response. Humans are nothing if not tribal, supporting the folks they admire and vilifying those they don’t, whether its unjust or not. This is the reason I equally block most right-wing AND left-wing content on my Facebook page, because click bait isn’t any way to get factual information. I’m liberal through and through, was initially a Hillary supporter until Bernie threw his hat in the ring, and am now back to Hillary after his gracious concession and support of her. And there’s a HUGE ton of stuff to loathe about Trump without resorting to fake attacks and misleading headlines. If we are going to have a better future free of right-wing lunacy, it has to start with us holding ourselves to a higher standard and not dropping down to their level.

But he makes it soooooo easy to do! That’s what a good troll does, brings you down to their level. And once you start arguing with an idiot, they’ll beat you with experience (exhibt A: the entire slate of “traditional” Republican candidates). I’m just glad Hillary has more restraint than I do.


Trump’s campaign runs on that old adage

“A lie can make it half-way around the world before the truth can even get its pants on”, and they’re telling a lot of lies. It makes it tempting to just slander trump to our heart’s content. It’s not like they’re doing poorly for it.


Even when it’s unfair, irony is delicious.


What sort of come down does coke have?

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I’d expect it’d be like most stimulants (I have a lot of experience with legally prescribed amphetamine and ritalin). You’ll feel tired and beat up, like you spent the previous day running a marathon, and you’ll reeeeeeeeeallly badly want to do more coke to make the tiredness and aches stop.


You might not see those types of comments, because they can get you a nice little visit from the secret service. I personally know many people who wish Trump harm. Dare I say it’s a very large percentage of the electorate.

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