Trump weasels out of an Iowa stop with an obvious lie — and it's mocked by Biden Truth Social post (video)

I’m with you. Here’s the 2 most relevant things to me:

  1. As you mention, the window has shifted so far to the right that what should be normal now seems radical.

  2. A democracy requires a certain amount of mutual good will and adherence to norms of conduct. We don’t have that right now. Hopefully that pendulum will swing back now that we have looked into the abyss.


This is what has always surprised me about the MAGAt crowd. The lying shit-weasel has always been a lying shit-weasel, who would contradict himself often within the same sentence, but as long as he says “We hate X and we have to kill them” the MAGAts don’t give a damn.

Until the leopards eat their face, of course.


About 3/4 up was always my best position, or 5/8ths more like, on your metaphor there, but I follow.

Yeah, uh, former skier here.

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All the more remarkable that Wayne Barrett died the day before Trump took office. Time, apparently, is shorter and flexible.

Hey, as long as they come tumbling down that hill ass over elbow, I’m a happy American.


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