Trump will not declassify Democratic memo for release


The Democrats lost to themselves.

Bernie would have crushed Trump.


Unlikely, but let’s not have that endless argument over and over again.




I wish he would chose already. Kickin it in the front seat, sitting in the back seat, making his mind up, it’s all very complicated.


Come on now, I think we all knew that this was going to happen.


I think you’ll find many of us are willing to be pleasantly surprised.


Leak the freakin’ thing already!!


All those utterly shocked by this, raise your hand.
<Looks left, looks right>

All those pissed that the current administration has reduced us to this level cynicism, raise your hand.

Oh, there you all are, I was starting to think I was alone here.


“The Democrats sent a very political and long response memo which they knew, because of sources and methods (and more), would have to be heavily redacted, whereupon they would blame the White House for lack of transparency,” Trump tweeted. “Told them to re-do and send back in proper form!” - from Huffpost

“long response” means he didn’t get through it. He wants a TL;DR version. Preferably with small words he can understand. Christ, what as asshole.


Democrats should resist any attempt to get them to revise the memo.
It’s clearly a trap.
Every time they submit it, there will always be something more to revise.
By the time (if ever) it is released, it will be irrelevant.
You’ve got to hand it to him: Trump is a genius of a troll.

That’s another trap. GOP and Fox News would love this to happen.
This is too high-profile to leak. Democrats need to do this the correct way (whatever that is).
(As a last resort, can they not read it into the record on the House floor?)


SHOULD :clap: HAVE :clap: DECLASSIFIED :clap: IT :clap: IN :clap: 2016


(also, executive branch officials are not the best arbiters of this kind of thing–the classification regime may be binding on executive branch employees, but the legislative branch is another matter… or so congress likes to contend. The intelligence committee normally likes to avoid being seen as a security risk, as the three letter agencies may choose to ignore them, until funding is threatened.)


I think this was already a mis-play from Trump. The Nunes memo was already widely dismissed without the democratic memo ever being released.

Playing this game just keeps Trumps blatant abuse of power more obvious and reinforces what many thought: he sure acts guilty.


Surprise, surprise. /s


I sincerely hope this was the strategy of the Dems. After the Nunes memo I was just utterly baffled that they wanted to play the counter-memo game. The Nunes memo was utterly stupid. He himself had to admit the central premise of the memo was false, and the information in it was more harm to the republicans than it was help.

If the entire point of the Democratic counter memo was to have it not be released so they could say, “Look, we tried to tell you the truth but Trump wouldn’t let us” then at least that’s a step up from how stupid I thought they were being.


The kicker is: it was 10 pages, which I guess may be long for a memo if your only frame of reference is Bob from marketing asking who’s been eating his lunch in the break room fridge, but it’s far from unheard of in government. Reportedly, he didn’t even read all of Nunes’ memo either, and that wasn’t even three full pages. This is the same guy who doesn’t even read the presidential daily brief, after all.

I’ve heard calls for Schiff to do that, but I have no idea if it’s proper. I guess it can’t be any less proper than the way they snuck the Pentagon Papers into the congressional record back in the 70s…


This was basically my reaction, as well-The Dems aren’t smart enough to pull something like that.


I had a sort of complementary reaction, thinking this is exactly how the Dems would outsmart themselves. It would be just like the Dems to sabotage their own memo by including sensitive intelligence that shouldn’t be released, thinking that would somehow dissuade Trump, thinking that Trump would never release it.

As if Trump would care about releasing sensitive classified information that would harm law enforcement or intelligence agencies. If you don’t want to Trump to agree to release your memo, just writing in the first paragraph how important the Russia investigation into Trump and Trump’s campaign it. Make sure you get his name in there numerous times.


Trap? Hardly!

If the general public is bored/confused/uninterested in adjudication of facts, ajudication of political processes falls well below that auspicious interest level.

As such, fuck the GOP & Trump and simply force actual facts into the public light.


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