Trump will not declassify Democratic memo for release


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That’s some mighty fine transparency and bipartisanism.

But, seriously is anybody even the slightest bit surprised? Why would Trump do anything that would have the appearance of helping the Dems? He dragged it out as long as he could before an end of the work week “shocker” to bleed into the weekend news cycle (ideally drowning out the news of woman beaters leaving his administration).


This will make all reasonable people distrust President Trump. But all reasonable people already distrust President Trump, including many former Republicans, so it makes no difference at all.

Except maybe there’s a secret message to Mueller from the Democrats coded and hidden in the memo. Maybe it’s a mash note,




In the name of transparency, nonpartisanship … and his own job, er – national security … Donnie once again attempts to censor the truth.


Trump is killing Fridays


I’m havin’ a heart attack from NOT SURPRISE!
– Iago


Ah, Don McGahn, once again trying to live up to Roy Cohn’s glorious reputation as Dolt-45’s fixer.


Don’t get angry. Take a deep breath and plan.


Several days ago, there was talk that they had deliberately included information in the memo that was classified and very sensitive. That way, if Trump released it, he could be accused of putting national security at risk for doing so. And if he did redact the sensitive info, he could be accused of a lack of transparency. A win/win for the democrats on this one.


Of course he won’t. Because he’s a corrupt fuck wad.


How many times to you think that the memo will cycle between the House Intel committee and Trump?


First he dodges the draft. Now he’s trying to dodge prison!


At this point I feel nothing.



Oh yay. Another morning (9:30 here), another Trump facepalm. My outrage reservoir is sadly getting drained.


If the democrats were that clever, would they have lost to someone like Trump?


how hard would it be to go from this to a total takeover? sincerely, I blame everyone, but I think it really got serious when congress tried to block everything Obama tried to do, and then it got alarming when they blocked his supreme court appointment, and now…how hard would it be to slip into total chaos? another major terrorist attack, imposition of martial law maybe, house to house searches for illegal immigrants and perhaps those “suspected” to have sympathies to the terrorists (like all brown people basically)…perhaps combined with another recession like 2008…and all because plain old congressmen and lawmakers aren’t standing up to this bad behavior merely because it helps them possibly pass some laws…what a loss of character




Honest question, how long have you been paying attention to Washington?

Also, how many Narcissists do you know?

I ask these two questions not to dismiss you, not at all, but to encourage you to keep watching, and not take every single redirect as a rabbit to chase or you will become exhausted. And you sound it. And that’s the game of the narcissist in washington, and always has and will be.

Advice is Stop Reacting. More Breathing. Then Start Responding.


That’s his plan. Disengage the outrage, it’s not part of any solution. It’s just a handle they can grab you by.