Barr: We'll release the Mueller report in a week but first we gotta color code it and redact the bad stuff

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Who the hell knows what’s going to actually happen, but it sure seems the most likely outcome is that a heavily redacted report will be provided that contains information that would have resulted in any other President being impeached but will seem like ticky-tack stuff in this context, and then Democrats will fight with Barr & Republicans about getting the un-redacted copy for the next year, at which time Republicans will be in the midst of their own “investigation” of the investigation, and it will all end up being a bunch of white noise to the electorate. Fucking goddamnit.


I keep seeing “hand picked” as if that is an anomaly. ALL formally selected AGs are nominated by the sitting POTUS so unless they are an acting AG, they are all hand picked by the sitting potus. It makes it seem illicit when that part of it is not.

Now him being a fucking toadie rump swab of Nostradumbass IS illicit and utter horse shit.

I can’t even comment on the whole redacted color coded thing without my brain exploding.


House Democrats need to subpoena Mueller & his staff about what was in the report. The Coverup General shouldn’t be allowed to do what he did on Iran Contra.


Yeah, it’s more about the reason he was hand picked. He’s been covering up and justifying shady activities by conservatives since the administration of Bush the Elder.


At least color-coded redactions are better than the usual black redactions with zero explanation that would normally be expected.


I think you called it perfectly.

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I hope he has enough glittery stars and happy face stickers to do the report justice.



Is probably better than we’ll get.


How is it that we have no laws (only reliance on norms and, apparently, people having some shame) to deal with the Barr situation? So far, Barr has:

  1. written an unsolicited 19-page memo critical of Mueller’s investigation
  2. been selected for the AG spot by the target of that investigation (someone who values loyalty above all else)
  3. been confirmed by a complicit congress despite bobbing and weaving his way around Mueller questions.
  4. refused to recuse himself from any involvement in the Mueller probe, despite a 19-page memo and a new resume entry strongly indicating bias
  5. written a summary of a lengthy report that would make the publishers of CliffsNotes say, “How 'bout a little more detail?” despite the fact that Mueller’s team apparently wrote their OWN summaries designed to be made public

I hope one outcome of the Trump era is that we have a long, hard look at situations where we currently depend on good faith to govern behavior, and where appropriate, turn to legislation instead.


Guy looks like Frank Deveraux from Supernatural.

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Some redaction is probably prudent from a legal standpoint, from what I have heard. But overall it should be released unmolested.


Notoriously, Nixon picked his AG by crudely pointing his “male anatomy” at the appropriate candidate. Though largely forgotten now, this is where the nickname “Tricky Dick” originally came from.

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Well I’m surprised that the Constitution hasn’t gotten up and done something about this.


Apparently the Constitution means fuck-all if the people sworn to uphold it do nothing or worse, act against it. I guess making sure we elect appropriate people to office was important after all…


If I was a leaker, I would wait to leak the entire Mueller report until immediately after the redacted one was released.

That way, there is no plausible deniability that it is fake because of how closely it resembles what was released hours or minutes before.

It won’t happen. But if it did, it would be a masterful stroke.


if anyone still thinks this guy has even the smallest amount of independent integrity, just a couple hours ago sat in front of Congress and unprompted spouted the need for a “barrier on the southern border”

WTF would he even say that and even say “barrier”

100% in trump’s pocket

what I don’t get is WHY so many people are willing to dive under the bus for the most corrupt crooks we’ve ever had in our political system, it doesn’t make ANY sense


It would be nice if someone with access to the report took one for the team and just released it to the media, consequences be damned. Likewise, I wish their was a rogue IRS worker who leaked the tax returns. Trump thinks he can get away with anything, and so far he has.