Mueller releases Michael Flynn sentencing memo. All the good stuff is redacted


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Just in time for Christmas!


The memo is a Hot Medium which actively engages our minds and into which we can read our hopes and fears.


Hey, I have Marshall McLuhan RIGHT HERE!


You mean, “Individual 1 is in deep trouble.”


I will always think of Individual 1 as Number Two. :poop:


I was hoping the Proud Boys would be in charge of the redacting.


Best bb comment EVER :heart::heart::heart:


He may as well be running The Village.


I might suggest we we should start placing bets on when the unredacted memo will be leaked. Then again, maybe anyone in a position to leak the memo is smart enough not to do so.




several investigations, one of which is completely redacted.

Because that one contains a lot of spoilers for the end of Season 2.


Maybe the plot to kidnap Fethullah Gülen that Flynn and his son were involved in? Protecting his son from prosecution over that was supposedly why Flynn flipped. And its not as far as we know connected to Trump.

I mean they’re recommending no prison time here.

A week after revoking Manafort’s deal, and pushing for larger sentences.

Flynn had to spill hard.

There have been very few hard leaks of actual documents from Mueller’s end or the courts. Rumors and speculation, but not a lot of documents. I don’t think Flynn’s camp would leak at this point, because details only make him look bad and it risks the deal. After that I think its just the judges who have access to the full documents.

ETA: Whitaker would presumably have access assuming anyone’s treating him like he’s actually AG. But again don’t think he’d leak this as its damaging to Dear Leader.


When I think of Mueller and these maneuvers he’s been making, slowly but surely, this particular refrain comes to mind:

(God, I hope like hell we survive 'til "checkmate…)


Mueller’s been running a taut ship. That no one knew that Cohen was going to waltz into court for a new guilty plea is astonishing in this day and age.




A new guilty plea for something we didn’t even know was being directly investigated, didn’t catch Cohen might get charged with. And didn’t know was an ongoing concern into 2016, and potentially into 2017.

The Trump Tower Moscow story was out there, and got decent press coverage. But there wasn’t much on the information that came out with Cohen’s plea. Given press interest in the Special council, and that there were multiple investigative reports on Trump’s Russian ambitions. That’s a tight god damn ship.

Mueller’s approach on this isn’t just to offer no-comment to the press. No one on his end talks directly to the press, at all. There are no press releases or press conferences, there are no pleasant non-answers. There is just no contact at all. His investigations have traditionally been black boxes. If you’re not on the team, over seeing them, or the court they bring things to, you get nothing.


It’s a good time to invest in black Sharpies.


What does this all mean?

It means people higher up than Flynn are in deep trouble.


In the unlikely case of a leak, I can tell you which organisation (despite its name and supposedly non-partisan commitment to The Truth) will not publish it …


Boy, letting him walk might just encourage some others, one would think. Flynn is the Mueller Good Cop bit. Manafort was the Mueller Bad Cop bit. He’s sending some Very Clear Messages… I hope that some people are listening.

Oh boy this is fun!