Trump's a scream in this stack of newspapers


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How awesome is that Google images page, with just page after page of distorted screaming Trump?


Very cool. I like the detail of the single dissenting image with the :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: overlay, as well as the Chinese-looking characters that google helpfully translated as “female horse”. Adds to the absurdity.


God-Emperor Trump the worm.


If only there was a way to combine this with a similar fail in the UK supermarket Waitrose newspaper:
chef Gregg Wallace’s head brings a new meaning to the phrase “spotted dick”!


Ah, Tagesspiegel. Trying to make up for this, I guess.

The headline reads “Refugee crises becomes matter for the boss.” Didn’t find a good English translation, it’s literally “chief-thing”, a matter so important that it will handled by the top executive/owner. And yes, it was by accident. The image belongs to a satirical movie, the headline to an article below.


Fixed That For You.



Does it only mean “female horse”, or does it mean something idiomatic, like “bitch”?


妈 is mom.

女马 is female horse.

It’s hard to tell with the crappy character set I see (you may see something different on your computers), but the character for mom is made up of the two characters of female horse. And no, it’s not considered insulting.

The newspaper pictured says “Mom!!!”


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