Trump's appeal to reinstate Muslim Ban is denied


Wash post article, but its all over:


Judge to Trump: “Let’s play a game. I’m thinking of a word that rhymes with ‘no’.”


Samantha Bee summarized the White House’s legal argument as Buuut I waaaaaannnnaa…


You want to ban people from seeking lawful entry and employment in this country?


It’s just a temporary stay. All this is doing is blocking a speedy appeal. The fight isn’t over.


This is true, but stopping an immediate reinstatement is something.


Agreed. This is a good thing. It’s just not over yet.


The ‘react to judicial disagreement by using the phrase “so-called judge”’ strategy didn’t work as well intended, I take it?


For Trump’s denial, a well deserved:


May I join the celebratory conga-line in solidarity?


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