Justice Department tells Appeals Court to reinstate Trump’s Muslim Ban


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F**k, this four years is going to feel like sixteen.


I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works.


He has the simple-minded, inherited agenda of pushing terrorism, since that strategy has worked before. He’s now wandering the White House reading (selectively) briefing papers that are shoring up his biases, but hen that idiotic approach is driving policy.

America, you have put an idiot in charge. A dangerous idiot who wants to rewind the clock 70 years, collecting up into one big shovel of crapulous imaginings all the ‘bad things that happened to the USA’ and frightening the American people with them.

God save us.


Protecting us from another 9/11 by banning Muslims from countries other than Saudi Arabia, which is the home not only of the 9/11 killers but also significant TrumpCo business.


Anyone still claiming that any of this is normal or who’s still drawing false equivalencies between this administration and other modern ones should be considered either an ignorant fool or a propagandist. Both should be ignored.


Most of us didn’t.


May the 9th Circuit do their job. May SCOTUS remand to the 9th.


So it’s not a Muslim immigration ban, but we must reinstate it to stop the urgent threat posed by Muslims immigrants…


Too true. The 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, and the UAE. None of these countries appear on Trump’s travel ban


It’s because it’s not what they’re doing, at least not in the forceful way that ‘tells’ wants to conjure. They’re filling an appeal saying it should be reinstated which is exactly how it’s supposed to work and it’ll be worked out in the courts.


Trump: “You WILL implement the #MuslimBan!”

Courts: “We won’t implement it until we’re sure it’s not unconstitutional first.”

Trump: “Will too!”

Courts: “Seriously, there are some serious issues that need to get looked at before we do this.”

Trump: “WILL TOO!”

We await the Court’s response.


Apparently, it was only like 80,000 people who swung the election. Think about that for a second! A tiny fraction of the country. And on top of that, Clinton won the popular election.


the U.S. Justice Department



Just us.


No, no - it’s just a ban of people from certain Muslim-majority countries, the citizens of which are unconnected to the terrorist attacks that are happening. Which shows how it’s really about security because, um, er…


The strange, sad irony is that this is the weak-minded trying to pull a Jedi mind trick.


Admittedly, the Justice Department in Mega City 1 is run by the Judges who unseated the Last President, who was himself an extreme populist demagogue, after he walked society to collapse, and their country to atomic war. Er. Erm. Well crap.


The majority of voters went against Trump, yeah.

OTOH, who ultimately carries responsibility for allowing the electoral system to be twisted to the point where the most hateful 20% of the country are empowered to hand control of the world’s largest military to a narcissistic fascist?

This didn’t come out of nowhere; the increasing extremism of the US right and their blatant efforts to subvert the voting process have been building for a long time now, with very little resistance from the Dem establishment.


If there is some justice in the world, I picture the Appeals Court saying in response,
“Go fuck yourself!” and/or “Make me!”