Trump's baby-snatching border policy "cruel" and "immoral", writes Laura Bush

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On the other hand, if it’s too much even for them, it’s way, way, way too much.


“cruel” and “immoral” are words that Laura Bush should be intimately familiar with.


Only if you think that we’re going to solve this by convincing Republicans to stop being fascists.

There are many more people to the left of the Democratic party than to the right. Those are the people you need to be mobilising, not the mythical “decent” Republicans.

How many times do the centrists get to fail before their tactics are abandoned? We have been here before.


I don’t get it? What’s the meaning here?

[note sarcasm]


Of course not! That’s what private enterprise is for.


Esteemed @Wanderfound, I don’t agree with this practice of always finding fault with people that state positions that disagree with what they have supported in the past. Shouldn’t we be happy that they are saying something good, instead of always trying to discount, antagonize, and demonize the not-as-perfect-as-us people that say something reasonable?

Repeating my comment in another thread:

There is nothing wrong with realizing that you were mistaken and changing you views for the better. As it was said “there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous people who have no need of repentance.”


W. was a Godawful president, but he actually tried to do a meaningful immigration reform. The rest of the GOP stopped it dead in its tracks.

The Bushes, overall, seem to be pretty reasonable on this subject. It doesn’t make their other, terrible ideas and actions any better, of course, but we should give credit where credit is due.


Trump didn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow progression and the acceptance of what we tolerate. Her husband is a big part of that progression. The process can be reversed but at this point it is very difficult. The future looks grim.

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The Bushes are not “not as perfect as us”. They are mass murdering war criminals.

Rehabilitating them disregards the humanity of the millions they killed.


I definitely sympathize with the reaction to roll your eyes at some like Laura Bush and to bring up the legacy of W’s policies basically whenever she opens her mouth, BUT if someone is willing to be on the right side of an issue, I’m just not sure they should be driven off.

If the only people we (“we” being liberals/progressives) allow to be on our sides on a given issue are those with whom we agree on other issues, it makes change tough.

Don’t get me wrong, though–when someone like Frum or McCain or Scarborough opposes something Trump does, I’m not saying that even comes close to wiping out the things they did, some of which contributed to making Trump possible. But I am saying that the more people rowing in the same direction the better, and sometimes assholes can still be right from time to time.


No one is trying to “rehabilitate” the Bushes. I fought hard against their policies and think that much of the foundation for our current slide into fascism was laid during their (papa and shrub) administrations. However, if there’s a shred of possibility that Laura Bush’s statement might cause a few reflexive republican voters to think again, I’ll take it. This isn’t about forgiving or forgetting what the Bushes did; CHILDREN ARE BEING PUT INTO CONCENTRATION CAMPS FOR FUCKS SAKE! This war needs to be fought on all possible fronts and if you continue to discount/discourage action if it doesn’t meet your lofty standards, then your pathetic need for ideological purity starts to look an awful lot like a Leninesque “I’m ok with sacrificing those children for my ideology…”


I suggest not hopping on the whataboutism wagon on this one. The policies of her husband are not an excuse to pretend that she may be wrong to call a national policy of child abduction cruel and immoral.
The tactic of whataboutism is an illogical and and disingenuous bit of rhetoric which does little more than provide an easy excuse for bad behavior by pointing out bad behavior in others.


While liberals are heaping praise upon Laura Bush in the futile hope of attracting sentimental fascists, they are seriously pissing off every Muslim American and globally aware leftist.

When you constantly push right, there is a cost on the left. Which is a concept that liberals seem to have no trouble understanding when they think it’s working for them.



I think you confuse “even L Bush says this is immoral” with “we love L Bush”. The former is what’s taking place right now. The latter is a fever dream that’s only real in your imagination.


In this thread, people are being restrained. On the wider web, not so much.

Give it a day or two and there will be a hefty collection of Twitter Democrats nominating Laura Bush for sainthood. As happens every time a Republican monster demonstrates the slightest opposition to Trump.


Citation please.

Now you’re just making things up to predictively support your false narrative. Are you Trump?

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Welcome to the #Resistance, Laura.

I could find more, but it’s 1am here and I’m tired.

But as I said, give it a day or two. The spin cycle is still building on this one.