Trump's Cabinet of Billionaires operates in unprecedented (and illegal) secrecy


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Surely they have nothing to hide, right?


Expecting this bunch to operate in the open now would be like expecting cockroaches to saunter around the kitchen in broad daylight. It can happen, but first they have to turn the country into a Russia-like slum of corruption where that sort of thing is shrugged off as acceptable by enough people.


I wonder how long it takes for the Trump apologists to start invading this thread with their justifications and whataboutisms.


Let’s get it over with: But what about her emails?

Perhaps the swamp thing was also a repeal and replace business: Drain the swamp and fill it again with even worse swamp creatures.




Rules? Rules are for the little people.


Theory: Trump’s billionaire cabinet operates in secrecy to avoid questions about what’s happened to Ben Carson. (Ben, if you can hear me – Get Out!)

Srsly, what’s up with Carson? Why isn’t he being paraded around as another useful distraction?


Its off topic, but this just popped up from the ABC.

In May 2016, George Papadopoulos had a drink in London with Alexander Downer, a former Australian politician and more recently, a diplomat.

Papadopoulos told Downer that “Russia was shopping dirt on Hillary Clinton to her political rivals.”.

Reading between the lines it looks like Downer fed that information back to Australian authorities, who sent it to the FBI.


A billionaire isn’t going to accept a public service position because they need the salary. That leaves only two possible motivations:

  1. A desire to give back to society through public service
  2. A desire to shape public policy in such a way to further enrich oneself

A quick review of the track records for these cabinet members should provide insight into which motivation is more likely.



Billionaires operating in absolute secrecy is just another way to drain the swamp.




discomfort with the spotlight…

Here’s an idea: if you don’t like the spotlight, stay the hell away from my government.




Maybe it’s about secrecy, but it’s gotta be at least a little about their own paranoia and how much of their psychotic base owns firearms by this point.

And hell, most other american citizens, too. So many guns down there, man. Wow.


Err ummm just what the hell does Saudi Arabia have to go with domestic education?


Secret travel/meetings = Shared Paranoia.

All about attaining face time with like-minded oligarchs as a way of avoiding surreptitious recordings. Likely a reason why Camp David is OUT for Trump; probably afraid that it’s mic’ed up the ying-yang. Also explains Trump’s need to have ‘casual’ meets on his own properties.


Title does not match text.

As Cory correctly noted, the Obama and Bush administrations created this. Trump’s billionaire cronies are now gleefully riding the bandwagon.

Endless, unfunded war can and will justify any level of secrecy.


If word of this gets popular, expect Trump to claim his cabinet is more transparent than any other. And expect 30% of the people to believe him.