Trump's "China muse" advisor has been citing a made-up economist for years

Life imitates Beschizza.


Well, you would say that, wouldn’t you. :wink:


And there was me thinking it was Mr. Do Land Put

(It was a toss-up between that and Mr. Nod Lad Put)

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Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are the Rump Twins:

Dolt And Rump and I, Livid Ant Rump.


Does it strike anyone as more than a little weird that he named his son after his own pseudonym?


At first it did. Then, after a second or so, it made perfect sense that a pathological narcissist and grifter would do that.


So given how he says he made his money and his current position, is anyone digging into the investments of Navarro, “Ron Vera” and their friends and family?

I mean I haven’t been able to keep from thinking that all this market volatility was by design so someone could profit and that is before having any clue about this. The guy is telling us who he is, I have to believe him.

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Hmmm, what was I saying?

I think they just found Ron Vara’s trading accounts!



Navarro has now admitted inventing Ron Vara, and – in true Trumpian fashion – says he’s glad people discovered it because it was a hilarious inside joke all along.

His co-writers have said they were not in on this “joke” and that Mr. Ron Vara’s quotes were provided to them as if he was a real person.

His publisher is not particularly amused by his hilarious joke and say they will be adding a disclaimer to all of his books, alerting readers that Ron Vara is fake.


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