Gab's 'Real Donald Trump' is actually a fake Donald Trump

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life is better when I don’t hear about what trump is saying


How about we all just collectively agree to not post ANYTHING more about donny smallhands unless it’s a story involving the SDNY?


It’s grifters all the way down.


The goings on with Neo-Nazi site Gab, do not concern me whatsoever.


Maybe he’ll claim to be the Real Trump from this time forward, and they’ll have a War of Roses.


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Torba blasted the media for writing the stories without fact-checking them first

Aha ha ha. “How dare the media just assume I don’t routinely set up fake accounts of famous people and impersonate them by sending out statements that falsely appear to be their words! Shame on them!”

This whole thing where Parler was negotiating with the Trump org for him to have an exclusive account with them, going so far as to offer him a large stake in the company (and thus running afoul of bribery laws), and now this fake Gab account, makes me think Trump won’t end up on those platforms. He’ll expect great reward if he opens accounts, while simultaneously being unhappy with the tiny number of followers there. Meanwhile I don’t see Twitter or Facebook or Youtube, etc. being terribly happy with him going forward, either, as Trump will continue with his lies. So it’s quite possible Trump won’t have a significant social media presence at all. It’ll be interesting to see what that does to his influence.


Unfortunately, I suspect that they concern all of us.

At least those of us that care what happens in the USA.

(If not a US citizen, or from a country that the US has significant influence on, then please disregard).

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Me too. But frankly Gab denizens getting bamboozled is just karma expressing itself online.


TBH tho, “fake” dOnALd tRump" is probably about as genuine and honest as the real one…


On Brietbart, there are lots of Gabbers begging Trump not to reinvent the wheel.

Ha! Trump’s not going to join anything unless he has enough control that they can’t kick him off even if the company is on fire and a giant hammer is about to squash them like a bug.


They are being watched by other people, so I don’t have to do it myself and damage my mental health in the process.


If they can’t hakken then they aren’t gabbers. If they can hakken then they aren’t wanted. They won’t take that name without a fight.


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