Trump's cutback-crazed health secretary loves billing private jets to the US taxpayer




Wait. athenahealth is headquartered in Watertown, Mass. So they went to Waterville, Maine why? Oh, yeah, no resorts in Watertown.


It wouldn’t be a kleptocracy if they weren’t bilking the taxpayers for every cent during the limited time they know they’re in office.

The only theme of this presidency is “steal every penny until we’re kicked out”


Dude, please blur this. I flagged this post since it’s really inappropriate for work or my lunch.


I’m not sure I know how to blur something, and don’t be so faint of heart, you’ll need to buck up in the days ahead.


Behold, congressman Tom Price explicitly ripping the Democrats for authorizing money to fund private planes for congress.


Industry executives are not people. Come the revolution they will be …

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