Trump's cutback-crazed health secretary loves billing private jets to the US taxpayer


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“There’s no ‘me’ in ‘austerity’. But there is a ‘u’.”


Trump’s cutback-crazed health secretary loves billing private jets to the US taxpayer



This bunch of uber rich scum drug into play by trump consider themselves gods and thus worthy of nothing but the best. We, the peons should shut up and keep in our place by paying more taxes and getting less for it.


I want to know if anyone in the Trump administration have any financial interests in the private jets being used.


That’s so bad I almost couldn’t see what it was…now that I can I liked it better when I couldn’t.


My deepest apologies.


What… don’t everybodies look like that.



No problem, I was gonna gouge my eyes out anyway


Start with one, and then sleep on it.


Lets eat him!


Isn’t this the original ending to Atlas Shrugged? All of the socialists beg their job creating overmen to come back and save society and when they finally do come back they succeed by getting government jobs and wasting all of the taxpayer’s money?


Couldn’t tell you; that book was so thoroughly pretentious and tedious that I didn’t even make it halfway through.

What little I did manage to slog through has made me look at Randian fanboys askance ever since…





xkcd, for the win, yet again.


It’s just so applicable to a variety of situations


When someone (e.g. Paul Ryan in the US or Sajid Javid MP here in the UK) says that they’re big fans of Ayn Rand you just know you’re in the company of a bad person.

“I suggest the greatest cure for anyone who is ever tempted to subscribe to the theories of Ayn Rand is to do what I did and have the misfortune of meeting her in person.”

Robert Anton Wilson


Damn, that’s one helluva burn.


As a long time congressman, Price is used to the good life.