Trump's Easter Egg Roll is shaping up to be a disaster

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I don’t even celebrate Easter and I want one of these eggs.


On the positive side, they have Spicer on staff, and he was a former Easter bunny. Perhaps he can go back to that as he was more successful there than in in his current role.


Really, Cory? Easter eggs? You have so much to contribute, and you’re worrying about the Easter Egg Hunt?


Of all the things to make a fuss about this one seems pretty piddling


It’s the War on Easter® I tells ya. Why, oh why does Trümpf hate Christians?


Recycle this headline:

Trump’s [fill in the blank] is shaping up to be a disaster


If dear leader had a more… Whimsical approach, forcing his various dueling staffers to don humiliating costumes(some more than others, so they could enjoy attempting to infer who is more or less especially out of favor) and perform for the amusement of the Beltway’s twittering classes would actually work pretty well. As it is, l don’t think that’s his style.


So what’s the point of this exactly?
Photo ops? So people can “network”? Seems like a waste of resources to me.

First, Trump forgot to order the eggs, which is a thing that happens when you “dismantle the administrative state” and fire everyone who knows what they’re doing.

So he didn’t really forget anything. He just doesn’t care about it, and fired the people who do all the little mundane things around the place.

Yes. And probably back in the day to strengthen Christian roots.


It is piddling. That’s what makes it so astonishing. This is the kind of thing that should not be a concern at all - it’s a largeish event sure, but one that the White House has done for 140 years. This should be something that even a new White House should be able to do on autopilot.

For all the heat the GWB got, his administration never screwed up the Easter Egg Roll. That things could be so dysfunctional in the event planning areas of the White House should be amazing. Except it isn’t because nobody is really surprised that this particular administration can’t pull it off.


FWIW POTUS Trump didn’t attend the White House Passover Seder either.

Maybe this administration isn’t playing favorites with any religious events.


Success or failure don’t matter as long as you can lie about it.


It’s a (relatively) low-cost, feel good, humanizing ‘tradition’/ceremonial observance. Institutions private and public, historical and contemporary, love that sort of thing(in large part because a sufficiently large number of people do as well).

If it had a more overt objective, it would be missing the point, since that objective would drag it down to the realm of banal, functional, institutional behavior.


This story is not complete without mentioning that Trump requested that Sesame Street characters be present at the event right after announcing that he wants to cancel funding for PBS.


Apparently back in the day - way back in the day as in the Andrew Johnson administration - kids would spontaneously organize themselves on the Capitol lawn for Easter egg rolling. I guess it was a thing that they did back then when you didn’t have TV or the internet, and you weren’t allowed to play sports on Easter Sunday. Anyway during the Hayes administration Congress decided that they literally wanted to get those damn kids off their lawn and they passed a law forbidding using the Capitol lawn as a playground.

History says that someone approached Hayes and asked if they could use the White House lawn. Hayes said sure and the kids started showing up there instead. It became a thing for the President to go out and be seen watching the kids and then it became a big party and then a tradition. Shockingly from what I’ve read there’s almost no “Christian roots” to the whole thing beyond just the holiday itself providing the impetus for it all (I wonder if Hayes just thought it would make good press for the new President to be nice to the kids while those mean bastards in Congress were taking away their fun.)


The only reason he didn’t cancel it outright is because they’re worried about drawing further ire from the Evangelical Cognitive Dissonance Army that got them into office. The non-Evangelical Alt-Right would cheer its demise as they hate government pomp-and-circumstance.


So, he’s Pro-vegan

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He couldn’t get rolling shit right

Perhaps this will be the 45 tradition for Easter observance. Diss the Jews on Passover and wait for it… diss the Christians on Easter. Great balls of crap. Can’t wait for Xmas.