Trump's Fed Reserve nominee squirms on video while trying to defend his racist and misogynist statements

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no explanation needed…we already knew the reason.


Stephen Moore: “I think there should be a statute of limitations on saying stupid things.”

I’m sure you do, buttercup. I’m sure you do.


Well it depends, does Moore think it was stupid because the quotation expressed a stupid idea and we should all know better? Or does Moore think it was just a stupid thing to say out loud - the sort of thing you ought to act on silently?


Is that a wig?


Surely a horrible person won’t make it to the post Trump’s nominated them for. Again, I mean. Again.

Another stupid thing he’s said that he’ll hopefully always be remembered for.

It’s important to be able to remember and remind people of stupid things they’ve said, so that you can then contrast it with the person they are now. If they’ve made efforts to make amends for their stupidity, then they’ve grown as a person and may deserve a second chance.

If they are sitting there 19 years later and wishing there was a statute of limitations on saying stupid things, then odds are good they’ve done nothing to make up for the stupid things they said and deserve to be excised from society.


Along with, apparently, everything he ever said relative to economics.


I agree, but…

…I would say that the reason it’s important is so that character judgements can be made in a transparent context, regardless of the judgement individuals arrive at, i.e. whether or not they’re willing to accept the changed person. No one is obligated to forgive or accept, but they should be able to make that decision on clear information.


Who knew that a seat on the Federal Reserve was an affirmative action set aside for under qualified, insufficiently talented, racist, sexist white guys.

Man… the soft bigotry of low expectations is actually real sometimes.


Would it be better or worse if instead of just being a regular horrible, narcissistic, racist, scapegoating dictator Trump turned out to be more of a Goldfinger arch villain who did all these horrible things in service of a singular obsession with gold?


“you go back 30 years, you’re going to be able to find clips over and over about me…”
The quote is from 2-3 years ago. The fact he has a pedigree of being a racist ass for three decades is a bizarre excuse for recent bad behavior. Also, if someone on the Fed says something stupid and irresponsible, the market can react, badly.


Right. I think that if you say something stupid when you’re younger and as you grow as a person you come to realize you were an idiot when you were younger that’s great - it’s what I want to see in a person! You should grow in wisdom as you age.

But if you hold the same beliefs and have just realized that you should have kept your yap shut because saying the quiet parts out loud get you in trouble, that’s not the same thing. And Stephen Moore seems to still believe the same things he believed 20 years ago, so the only way I can read his “statute of limitation” plea is as someone who has come to realize that younger 40-year old self should have been keeping his trap shut back in 2000.

(Also I’m much more willing to accept that a 20-something might grow up to be a better 40-something than that a 40-something might have grown as a person and become someone different at 60. It can happen, but it’s an extraordinary thing to happen, and so I’d need to see some extraordinary evidence. Working for Trump is not that kind of evidence.)


I mean, he plugged the racist joke about Obama leaving the White House in 2016, less than three years ago.


Anyone who made comments like this should be immediately disqualified by the vetters. The fact that he was cleared by the executive branch means they’re pretty much saying ¯_(ツ)_/¯ we have the right to nominate anyone we want. KY can go DIAF.

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If we were all held to stupid things we said/did in our 20s (or younger), no one would be left to do anything. But there’s no evidence that Moore in particular has ‘grown in wisdom’ as he’s aged. Heck, for a position in this administration, that would be a disqualifier.


“I shouldn’t have said that. . . because now it may cost me a job.”


I did say “may”. Some things won’t be forgiven, even if the person has made real effort to atone.

This clown obviously hasn’t even tried. But I predict he’s still appointed. Just like the rest of the clowns that have hopped into Trump’s car.

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Usually stupid/racist people don’t grow in wisdom when aging. They grow different kinds of stupid.


No, they just learn when they need to hide it.


Agreed. I think it’s both.