Trump's "God Bless the USA" Bible deletes women's voting rights and slavery amendments

The thing you have to remember is that the Archangel Jibril delivered the Holy Constitution and its ten original amendments to the Founding Fathers, Peace Be Upon Them.
The other amendments are lesser things, made by man and not by God.


Christian fundamentalism is as American as apple pie. Don’t suggest that Muslims are to blame.


I’d imagine “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” is gone as well, along with Micah 6:8.


As the Australian comedian Jim Jeffries said in his rant about gun control in America:

“You can’t change the Constitution!”
“Um, it’s an amendment?”


And specific to that particular Amendment, listen to those podcasts I linked. The current interpretation of the meaning of the 2nd Amendment was, for all intents and purposed, invented from whole cloth in Heller v. DC. Prior to that, it had not been seen as an expression of an individual right. Ever.


I’m guessing he’s not a fan of the 22nd either.


I’m also pretty sure he would love the 16th amendment the one that allows income taxes to be levied to go away forever


I guess Roberts never got the memo. :angry:


He’s too busy working to tear down Burger’s legacy…


Well…it was Scalia who drafted the nonsense in Heller, but Roberts did sign on to it. Listen to those podcast episodes I linked. It’s interesting. One of the problems wasn’t just the ridiculousness of the argument, it was that the liberal justices response to it was, for the most part, not to call it out for its ridiculousness, but to treat it as a serious argument, thus establishing this originalist analysis as the new standard for interpreting the Constitution and legislation. A standard that had become pretty much completely accepted as the proper way to do things by the time Kagan was nominated to the Court just two years later. Originalism went from a wacky fringe idea to a standard accepted even by liberal justices like Kagan in just a few years. It’s crazy. This is the problem with the normalization of extreme ideas.


Can’t have more amendments than commandments?


The greatest failure of gun control has been the widespread acceptance on both sides that the Second Amendment actually means what gun nuts claim it means. That should never have been conceded, but you never, ever hear that argument made by anyone in power. All current efforts for gun control start from the assumption that the gun lovers have a fundamental right (that they just made up), and have to struggle from a position of restricting that right.


“Bearing false witness” is his business model, the key maneuver of his political strategy, his legal defense strategy since the 1970’s. His stump speech is a collection of them.


Podcasts won’t play, so I’m reading the transcripts. Occasional typos.

Speaker F: One thing that Scalia says is that this is a pre existing rite.

At least I assume that’s a typo.

Damn, I had no idea that Eugene Volokh was bent, but he’s connected with PragerU, so fuck that guy! (The enemy of my enemy may be a sociopath.)


“white mean with goatees and Oakleys” is one of the better “misspellings that reveal a deeper truth” that I’ve seen lately :smirk:


This abomination of a Bible was originally created for Christian Nationalists (Lee Greenwood and friends). It should not surprise anyone that these guys prefer an Antebellum version of the Constitution.

One of the implicit goals of Christian Nationalism, is that it is an attempt to reconcile Christianity and the American civil religion into one fundamentalist system of belief.
Taking founding documents and elevating them as symbols for worship is kind of the point of the “God bless the USA” Bible. And as a symbol it is not meant to be read by anyone, merely possessing a physical copy of the words is satisfying and powerful to Christian Nationalists.

tldr; People buying this souvenir aren’t likely to read the Bible or the Constitution.


Sure, but is there an expectation that a bible contain the constitution? It’s offensive enough in that it includes the bible.


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