Trump's healthcare column with all the lies removed


Behold the power of the health care lobby, which has its hand up Trump’s ass, working his mouth like a puppet, so they can make even higher profits!


At least you got to keep your health-care plan after the ACA went into effect…right? Right?


Yeah, yeah. “But, Obama said I could keep my health-care plan if I was happy with it… then my insurer was forced to change my plan just because it was basically worthless at best, or was blatently a scammy rip-off, and didn’t met the new standards.”

I have no idea why anyone gave a fuck about that in 2010, and I have even less of a clue why anyone still gives a fuck in 2018.
Just go single payer, or a full-on national health service like the rest of the western world - it’s cheaper, it has better outcomes, and it will be one less thing the rest of the world wonders “WTF is America thinking?” about.
Oh, and basically no-one will go bankrupt just because they didn’t want to die of a perfectly treatable illness.


Well, I kept mine, and so did everyone I know. I guess Obama should have said, “…your LEGITIMATE health-care plan…”. But perhaps he didn’t realize some people were dumb enough to pay good money for bad plans.



“We’re going to have [health] insurance for everybody … much less expensive and much better.” … “Nobody knows health care better than Donald Trump” … “Nobody knows more about debt” … “Nobody knows more about trade than me” … “Nobody knows banking better than I do” … “Nobody knows the tax code better than I do.” … “Nobody knows politics better than I do.” … “Nobody knows the politicians better than me.” … “I know more than the Generals” … “Nobody knows the system better than I do … which is why I alone can fix it …” YouTube, if only we could find this “Nobody” person!

“Billy, look, look, you just tell them [anything] and they [the rubes] believe it. That’s it, you just tell them and they believe it. They just do.”—Donald Trump, as related by Billy Bush: (8:39).

“And just remember, what you’re seeing and what you’re reading [in the media] is not what’s happening.”—Donald J. Trump, addressing more rubes. (0:30).

Trump has no concept of “truth;” for him, lying is innate; barely a word that comes out of his—or much of his kakistocracy’s—mouth can be believed; “truth” is a variable for whatever suits him—after he’s received his daily security briefing from the “knuckle draggers” on his favorite TV channel, “Faux Noise.” As a result, Trump’s grasp of reality is even more delusional than that of Alice’s following her fall down the rabbit hole. (12:22).

As George Costanza once said, “It’s not a lie if you believe it.” And, due to Trump’s gross sense of entitlement, narcissism and sociopathy, he doubtless believes in the “reality” of his never-ending stream of inane mendacities.

Nevertheless, Trump’s legal team is fearful regarding any “consultation” with Dr Mueller; half are afraid Trump will lie—the other half are afraid he’ll tell the truth.

Meanwhile, we all should be afraid of this crass, ignorant charlatan in the White House.


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