Trump's "herd mentality" plan will kill millions

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I find it really ironic that the Trump supporters who like to call us sheep for wearing masks are also the ones pushing for something called herd immunity.


This is the twitter thread we all need to read today.

Trust me:


Not me or mine.

Come hell or high water:


US patriots are trying to become immune from you herd of liberal antifa. That’s what it means.


It’s worse than that, as we now know that some people are getting re-infected. We don’t know how common that is, so it brings into question the very idea of “herd immunity” via infection.

Nope, we know this is totally untrue. That number presumes a (far) less infectious disease than what we now know covid to be, for one, but this idea is now recognized as obviously wrong as there are enough populations/areas whose infection rate got significantly higher than 20% (before they were locked down and R rate dropped below 1). What I’m hearing from epidemiologists now is that herd immunity at 60% is actually optimistic.

LOL, NO. We fucking wish. I don’t know where you’re getting this stuff, but it’s just wrong. Also most of the US population has multiple comorbidities, so the “it only kills people with health problems” argument isn’t remotely reassuring.

Our health care systems are going to be so fucked in the future as a result of this. Health care systems don’t remotely have the resources to deal with the widespread cardiac issues alone, much less the other stuff. If the Trump admin actually manages to knock off pre-existing condition protection, everyone who ever tested positive for covid wouldn’t be able to get health insurance, too.

I don’t know how the 20% herd immunity number is still getting mentioned, given that we’ve seen multiple locations around the world that got a lot higher than that, so it’s obviously bullshit. I mean, it wasn’t a likely number even in the absence of that data, but we know it’s just wrong, now.

I’m sure there are conservative “sources” using these numbers - but the numbers are still demonstrably wrong, so…


That’s why he said herd mentality. It wasn’t a slip.


Are we surprised?

He only cares about one human life: his own (maybe Ivanka’s, too, but that’s it).


This is why cult members are conditioned to classify anyone who leaves the group as a heretic, even less trustworthy than uninitiated outsiders.


Yeah but to be fair, they were all going to die anyway.

I mean, like. . . eventually.



Does anyone have the link to the other discussion (no, not that one, the other other one, no, not that one either, the other other other one?) we had where it was pointed out that no disease in human history has ever been eradicated through individuals gaining immunity through previous infection and the disease running out of hosts?

This needs to be bashed into the heads of every person saying the words “herd immunity”. The only way to achieve herd immunity is through vaccination. This thing that keeps getting talked about isn’t a thing, it’s a fantasy.

ETA: Found it, thanks @aLynHall


The Real Estate Swindler couldn’t summon the word “immunity”?. It’s the most salient adjective in his life.


Interestingly, I was thinking of Trump's new pandemic boss Scott Atlas pushes ‘herd immunity’ plan, 2 million+ Americans would have to die, also from @aLynHall


trump saying his strategy is ‘herd mentality’ is perfect.

I mean that is his whole strategy, isn’t it? Not so much against corona of course, he doesn’t really seem to care about corona. But it is his strategy to stay in power.


Shit, might as well say 10%, then! We’ve achieved herd immunity, everyone - no one else is going to get sick, now! Any further infections are a figment of our imaginations, a case of mass hysteria!

Also, what they’re saying is, the death rate from covid is on par with the two leading causes of death in the US (and unlike them, is actually infectious). Yep, it’s not serious at all!


He doesn’t care about Ivanka’s life. He cares about her ass.


Well, I will admit, it’s hard to give in to fear when you’re head’s so far up your own ass, you can’t hear about the thing you might be afraid of.


So, herd immunity strategy applied to a virus that gives immunity of a few months and lots of damage even when no symptoms are shown. The jury is still out on reinfections being more or less severe though. If the worst case scenario is confirmed, Mr. Orangeoutan’s stragegy will force people to play russian roulette and pull the trigger repeatedly until it goes BANG.


this fucking idiot who can’t even get “mentality” vs “immunity” straight is in charge of our country - and idiots are going to vote for him again.


In Trompia, civilian megadeaths are a feature, not a bug.