Trump's laughably bad Axios interview turned into an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm

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I’d love to sic Susie on him.


Shouldn’t it be “Curb Your Trumpthusiam”?


When he called him “Mr. President” in the beginning it hit me: this guy really is you guys’ president, isn’t he? And he has to be afforded the respect of the office as if he was the real deal, doesn’t he? Sorry, I know that intellectually of course but I still haven’t internalised it.

This guy sits at the Resolute Desk. In the Oval Office. In the White House. Where Washington and Lincoln and Roosevelt and Obama sat.* For real. And he will forever be in that lineage of people.


*I am aware that the desk is probably younger than Washington but I’m not gonna google it right now, so don’t @ me


I think Trump is funny enough by himself. If he were a comedian I would laugh but now I’m just stunned.

I’m tired of the “mandatory” courtesy to him. He is an idiot and a dangerous idiot, and the sooner we start treating him that way the better.


Blessed are the cheesemakers


As for “Florida [deaths] are going down”:
We all knew Trump was lying and he knew he was lying at the point when he qualified his statement with "yeah :sidelook: It's going-- It leveled out and it's going down, that's my report as of yesterday." Trump saw an opening. His brain flashed: “Swan doesn’t have perfect information/recall and, even if he does, I can claim access to preferred knowledge.” It was just another version of “people are saying.”

Swan needed to do a Curb Your Enthusiasm stare-down: “Are you sure, Mr. President?”

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