Trump's Lifetime of Patriotic Devotion to the Highest Ideals of the American Flag


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Donald J. Trump’s lifetime of patriotic devotion to the highest ideals of the American flag justifies his opinion on National Anthem protests.


Yup, he’s a bum.


If by “bum” you mean lying two faced piece of shit, then yeah, I guess so.


If by “bum” you mean a scumbag of the highest order, then, I guess so too.



Wait, bizarro Trump was missing his little goatee.


Given some of the things that were done under the various national flags, the remark that patriotism is the last resort of a scoundrel has additional force.


That’s a very polite way to put it; calling him a donkey would be another polite term for what he really is.


Is it me, or does Tom Tomorrow’s Trump look very similar to Jerry Seinfeld’s dad? Number one dad, signing off!


Sure, if by “bum” you mean “Miserable shitbag.”


Bum: noun Lying, narcissistic, childish, over-privileged, sack of shit.


Sure, if by “Tomorrow” you mean “the Dancing Bug”.


I can’t remember what Tom the Dancing Bug was like before Trump… but then I can’t remember what the world was like before Trump… I’m sure things were a lot better back then .


" wouldn’t you just love to see some federal prosecutor, when the tRump disrepects American values, to say, get that son of a racist asshole out of the White House. You’re FIRED!" - prep walk to ensue


Somehow I like the bizarro world version of the orange bastard better.


In the Cultural Revolution all workers (not just sports) sang patriotic songs before starting work.



You’ll have to ask LeBron for his exact definition. I’m sure it’s equivalent to what you described.


this is tom tomorrow’s trump


Remember the Rob Ford crack tape… One the whole, the actual video wasn’t all THAT shocking… not when you consider everything that we saw leading up to the release , his drunk wanderings at street festivals, that jaw-dropping reference to eating out his wife’s ample pussy, pushing the lady councilor on the floor of Toronto City Hall… the crack rant was pretty anti-climactic in comparison.

The diversions and distractions are what sank him, he could have pleaded mea-culpa for sucking on the pipe and I think people would have been quite sympathetic to the sad scene.

I’m sorry he got sick and passed away, a good humbling might have put him on a better path… his idiot drug-dealing brother sure didn’t learn anything from this though, is carrying on the brand…


I just love how ruben really captures the true likeness of a puckered anus that is trump’s mouth. Considering that what comes out of it is a load of old shit it seems appropriate.