Trump's lying, there is no terrorism crisis on the US-Mexico border.


People down this way, or most of them I know, are more afraid of waves of right wingers with guns or Trump actually trying to attack. There have always been a lot of immigrants here… that’s normal. This situation is far from normal.


Well - Rob Rosenstein is leaving.

Buckle up!


I actually wonder the same thing, it’s struck me that it’s entirely possible that he’s been so coddled all of his life that he’s been able to hide a deep deficit in cognition because it’s been presented as a personality quirk.


Well, “respectable” news has been carrying headline stories about the Crisis for weeks, in one form or another, and that does affect normal people. Even for people who know perfectly well there is no crisis, the conversation alone contributes to the sense of constant corrosive anxiety. The conversation is about it, whether you know it’s bullshit or not.

I don’t know that it’s benefiting Turmp or any other current politician politically, but if you rub a minor itch with 20-grit sandpaper for long enough, that itch becomes a genuinely serious wound, and it will serve evil politicians for years to come.


On the one hand this worries me. Rosenstein had the combination of granite integrity and pit-bull tenacity that made him a prosecutor feared and loathed by true crooks, and that was needed to shepard the investigation.

On the other hand, according to CNN, Rosenstein:

has signaled to other officials that he would leave when he was satisfied that Mueller’s investigation was either complete or close enough to completion that it was protected.

Given his proven diligence, and given that the alternative would be too depressing to contemplate, I’m going to assume that those promises were made in earnest.


Just imagine the carnage if the Canadians still drove on the left :open_mouth:


Trump, the present incumbent president recumbent.


Because they happen to be starting from south of the U.S. Mexican border.


Not just “steel” but “see-through steel,” which would be a hell of a development. Isn’t there a transparent aluminum in the Star Trek universe? Maybe we are on our way there!


I don’t listen to Trump directly, for my own sanity, but read an oped in the Guardian this morning that said that he was shilling for money for the wall in the speech, like some kind of fucking televangelist, and more insanely, that he was compiling a list of all the true patriots who’d contributed??!!? What the fuck kind of facist Santa list is that? Did Chuck & Nancy respond to this insanity?


Trump’s bringing in an expert.



It seems like it’s a combination cognitive/personality issue, and he’s had the same personality - he’s always been a narcissistic sociopath - I’m just not sure he’s always had the same cognitive issues. Seems like they’ve gotten worse with age.
But I absolutely believe that his privileged situation has allowed him to hide his serious cognitive and personality issues. I can easily see someone not starting out with billions to waste and layers of employees to protect him (to make him functional and from the consequences of his graft) as ending up impoverished and institutionalized. (Because that’s basically been his trajectory.)


I wish we could stop feeding the trolls, and we could stop evaluating this wall of his on the stated merits. We knowhes lying, we know he doesnt care about law and order, or keeping campaign promises.

This proposed public infrastructure is not like a dam that generates power, or a bridge that carries traffic. It is a sculpture, a symbol of racist intentions. The people it would hurt the most are already in this country legally. Just like a confederate civil war statue, its main purpose is to intimidate brown people.

This is why it needs to remain unbuilt, even if its downgraded to a chain link fence. It would be a national symbol of racist intolerance, that would serve its purpose the moment they break ground.

I dont care how much it would cost, or what flimsy alibis are used to promote it. It must not be built because it sends a loud dog whistle message to white nationalists, that the country belongs to white people more than anyone else.

The less time we waste with Trumps lies, the more energy there is to punch nazis.


Even if they do break ground, I’m all in for some sabotage. This crap has gone too far.


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