Trump admits his "National Emergency" isn't really an emergency

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I bet Steven Miller winced when he said that.


The first thing he’s said that I actually like.


I wonder what would happen if, prior to any hearing on this matter, a horrific crime were committed by (or at least attributed to) a person who came across the southern border illegally?

For two years we’ve been one terrorist attack away from our system of government and the rule of law as we know it going away, and now the bar may be lower than I feared.


He had a few grieving families of people killed by undocumented immigrants to use as props for the press conference but I don’t know if anyone has actually confirmed any of those criminals snuck in through unfenced areas of the border.


What do you expect from a crooked developer? he’s trying to start a construction project without a permit…


I think that the people who wanted “The government to be run like a business,” had no idea how crooked many big businesses are.


Ann agrees:


That would indicate emotion - emotion and feelings are for the weak.

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She’s an evil, horrible person who won’t be satisfied until the reincarnation of Hitler takes over the US Government, but she knows which way the wind is blowing in conservative circles.


Little Annie knows which side her
bread is buttered.
I can picture her at her home,
giggling to herself,
"I can not believe how many morons
listen to what I say!’
“Those morons will still buy my books too!”
“And pay me to insult them!”

“Jesus…what a Gig!”


Like this?


For somebody who lies all the time, he is stunningly bad at it. The very basic skill of keeping your story straight is beyond him.


I don’t know if Ann Coulter wants to equate falling for Trump’s con with being stupid, since that would certainly put her in the bottom 30% or 35% of the population for intelligence. Probably lower since a good number of Trump supporters presumably just don’t pay attention to what’s going on when Coulter certainly does.

But replace “stupid” with “credulous” and she’s dead on. Trump is clearly in the “the check is in the mail” phase of his wall promise. The fact that he can’t win in court just means he can run on the wall again in 2020.

I don’t know, he’s got his youth detention centers. I think he cares about that (as in, wants it to happen) a lot more than he cares about a wall. I’m not sure if America is going to need a Truth and Reconciliation commission or Nuremburg trials after those shut down.

Most of us who spend our lives lying also spend our lives facing consequences of being caught lying. In order to get good at something you need feeback on how well you are doing.


You’d think that, wouldn’t you? But the secret of his kind of lies is to narrow down his crowd to the stupidest, most gullible people as quickly as possible. Kind of like the sponsored links on Boing Boing (and everywhere else).


What truly horrifies me is the election is still going to be CLOSE.

I mean trump is the asshat exactly as advertised, everyone knew what they were getting. Voted anyway.

And he’s almost going to win re-election because your neighbors and relatives just want to watch the country burn and “screw you”.

Hurry the f-up Mueller!!!


This all sounds like the start of a “False Flag” conspiracy scenario and identifying the incentives in making it happen

I’m entirely in favor of this. He’s going to

  1. Set the precedent that the President can declare an emergency to get whatever Congress doesn’t want to pay for.
  2. Raid military construction funds for his pet project.
  3. Build about 250 miles of wall.

So when he’s running for re-election, he’s going to have to explain how there’s still no complete border wall, he stole money allocated towards Our Troops to fund the little wall he did build after repeatedly saying Mexico would pay for it, and he’ll have handed the next Democratic President tacit permission to declare a national emergency to counter climate change or something. Win, win, win.


There is no government project, even when approved by both sides, that takes less than two years to break ground.

And that’s without lawsuits and also without the entire drawn out eminent domain process.

Outside of the 30 miles of approved fence, there won’t be another mile ready by election time.