Lou Dobbs: Trump should 'declare a national emergency and simply sweep aside the recalcitrant left'


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/01/10/lou-dobbs-trump-should-decl.html


I think it’s the only way forward here. He is – otherwise, there’s not going to be a solution.

Lou Dobbs has the FINAL solution!


For Lou Dobbs- Democracy is oppression.

Well Lou - if you don’t like living under the Constitution- no one’s keeping you here. Don’t let the Statue of Liberty kick you in the ass on your way out.


This sounds like a proposal for a beer hall putsch, except with Budweiser.


“They have – They have obstructed, resisted and subverted for far too long.”

We’re not going to talk about the eight years under Obama that the GOP pretty much sat on their collective asses and did nothing.


There are only a few occasions in American history when members of the press have been given the chance to be bootlickers to an aspiring fascist regime. Dobbs and Hannity both have their tongues hanging out and ready to go in these clips.


Ready to go? No captain, those men are already licking the doorbells.


Lou’s still angry that he’s the only 90’s .com celeb who didn’t get stupid rich. Space.com. Whoops.


The Republicans had the White House and both chambers of Congress for two years without building the wall. Why is it only an “emergency” worth dismantling our very democracy over now that Democrats control the House of Representatives?


More to the point, the Republicans had both chambers and the presidency two weeks ago, and they were dead in the water on the new budget.


As an old white man I kinda hate to say this but there sure are a lot of old white men who need to die off ASAP. That said I’d rather not be one of them but shit I’ve had a helluva good run so…


Ugh. National Emergency is going to become the new Executive Order.

It probably won’t matter that much. The stupid wall even at 200 billion dollars is a drop in the bucket compared to our stupid military spending.

Until we need to declare a real emergency, but people will have lost faith in the importance of the emergency powers of the President.

To say nothing of Trump getting a taste for declaring an emergency and then order the military to go do his bidding. Fucking hell, I can just imagine raids of sanctuary cities for mass deportation.


declare a national emergency, and simply sweep aside the recalcitrant left in this country

“Let’s stop pretending it’s not an authoritarian dictatorship”




The one advantage I can see, is his emergency would wind up in court about the same time as his own ass ends up in prison. We could say goodbye to both bad ideas at the same time.


Of course not just a matter of the money needed to build the thing. Putting aside all the environmental and human rights issues, the logistics of building and maintaining a physical coast-to-coast barrier would be both a major engineering and legal nightmare. Just getting control of all the private land they’d need to build the thing could take decades in court.




I think you’re right; it would be a nightmare. Which is why it probably is going to end up half-assed, if it happens at all.

And of course, it will be claimed to be everything he promised, even as it is sucking at the task it was designed for.


As a means of funding it, however, they’re already talking about diverting emergency money that was going to go towards recovery of the California fires, and the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico… Real people suffering from real disasters are going to get hurt to fund the solution of an imaginary problem.


That’s why I think we should just “Emperor’s New Clothes” this thing by telling him that we’ve erected a $3 Trillion state-of-the-art invisible force field instead. We can even tell him Mexico paid for it.