Trump's mental decline is on display as he declares a case that is not over, “OVER!”

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…nothing, as far as the case against Trump is concerned. Willis and Wade are on the same side so there’s no conflict of interest there. If anyone is owed an accounting for Willis’ decision to hire someone she had an undisclosed relationship with it is the citizens of Georgia, not Trump or his legal team.

This is a little bit like the rumored relationship between OJ Simpson prosecutors Marcia Clark and Chris Darden. A marginally scandalous side show but irrelevant to the case they were prosecuting.


Still don’t get this (and still IANAL)… even if it could be proved Fani Willis violated some employee conduct rules why does this permit the case against trump to be halted or even notably slowed down? Violation of work place practices should be a matter for other than the trump case judge to consider and not in this court. That this is interrupting this case and getting into completely irrelevant issues attempting salacious interest strikes one as utter judicial malpractice. This is so screwy and reflecting terribly on the rule of law in general that it’s time to consider what group oversees this judge to censure him for his conduct.


As far as I can tell the only legal theory they’ve been able to scrape together is that Wade gets paid based on how long the process drags on and Willis benefits from Wade’s income, so Willis has an unethical motive to help drag out the trial as long as possible.

Obviously this theory falls apart in about half a second when you consider which side is clearly trying to get on with the trial and which side is clearly trying to drag it out.



…This is interrupting this case and getting into completely irrelevant issues attempting salacious interest

You’ve answered your own question.


You’ve answered your own question.

humbly, well… no, it doesn’t. i was intending to ask these questions of proper legal practices, and distinctly not why trump’s advocates would be interested in attempting these judicially prohibitive maneuvers. (being piqued i probably didn’t state my disgust in clear enough fashion and therefore i blame m’self)

(“Clearly yer honor, the opposition attorney has some outstanding parking tickets, so I move that we halt the murder trial of my client until we can get to the bottom of this whole parking ticket matter!” “uhhh… I’ll allow it.”)


Welp. There’s the appeal grounds laid out.

And more delays before anything happens to him.


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that he’s making less money on this case than he would be on private cases.

I really don’t understand why this judge fucked this up so bad. IANAL but I would think he could have started with a “if true, would this matter? (no)” hearing before any evidentiary hearings.


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